T5W 05.10.17: Books as Event Themes

May 11, 2017

* Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme/challenge for book bloggers, hosted by Lainey and Sam. The goal is for bloggers to choose their top 5 picks for the week’s given challenge, and you can find out more over on Goodreads! *

So sorry that this is up a day late! I guess it’s technically a top 5 Thursday post now, but we’ll leave it alone for the sake of the tag. Yesterday was just so busy for me! Y’all feel me. ♡

This week’s T5W challenge is to choose 5 books/series that you think would make great event themes! Think weddings, proms, birthday parties, baby showers… you get the gist. For me, these are going to be books that have a really strong setting; something I can imitate through decorations, refreshments, and maybe even costumes! As someone who’s only dreamed up a thousand themed wedding ideas throughout her life, this week’s challenge felt like it was right up my alley.

Harry PotterJ.K. Rowling
This one is probably going to be one of the most common choices for this week’s tag, but I refused to allow that information to stop me from making it my number one event theme idea, because honestly, are there very many series that have more iconic settings than the fantasy of Hogwarts, or the wonderland of Hogsmeade? I mean, come on! Wizard robes, magical treats, BYOW (bring your own wand)… It’s bloody brilliant.

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R. Tolkien

I personally have dreamed for years of having a cheesy, over-the-top Tolkien wedding, and somehow, I’ve lucked up enough to land a life partner who is just as much of a geek as I am, so cross your fingers for me, readers. 😉 Either way, I think Tolkien’s writing lends itself to an immensely beautiful setting for any wedding, birthday, or whatever other themed party you could think of. I mean, come on… who doesn’t want an excuse to dress up like a damn elf?

Doctor Who

I’m not technically cheating, since there are loads of Doctor Who books… right? It felt like an obvious choice for a Whovian like myself. That TARDIS blue is a gorgeous color for decorations, and it’s such a cute, fun theme that you can do so much with! I would totally have a TARDIS photobox at my party, for people to climb into and take cheesy pictures together. Oh, and weeping angels in sneaky places. Don’t blink!

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman
I love horror, and by proxy, I love zombies. Whether it’s a reanimation curse from voodoo magic gone awry, or a plague upon the world devolving your lovely next-door neighbor Martha into a brain-devouring, rotting work of rage… I eat that shit up. I swore for a solid two years as a teen that I’d have a zombie wedding, but then I found out that some of my family members wouldn’t show up if everyone was decked out in fake blood, with rubber latex wounds on their faces and such. (Hmm, maybe I should revisit that idea…)

The Masque of the Red Death – Edgar Allan Poe
There’s really only one party theme that comes anywhere near the LotR one in terms of how much I am fucking trash for it, and that’s victorian gothic, particularly when Poe is involved. EAP is singlehandedly involved for drawing me into the horror literature genre as a child, as well as making me a lover of poetry, and I will forever hold the man in the highest regards. I digress! I think a Red Death party would just be so much damn fun, especially with the color-themed rooms, the masquerade masks, the looming stranger in the corner…
“There was much of the beautiful, much of the wanton, much of the bizarre, something of the terrible, and not a little of that which might have excited disgust.”

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