TBR Jar ReadAThon Sign-Up & Throwback Event Announcement!

June 22, 2018


My friend Liza at DuskAngelReads is hosting an awesome readathon in July called the TBR Jar ReadAThon! You can click here for more info, but the gist is that you set a goal, and between 12:00AM July 2nd and 11:59PM July 8th, you try to read as many books as you can out of your TBR jar.

I decided to mix it with Life & Lit‘s July/August Throwback event, so I’ve created myself a list of “throwback” TBR titles below, and I’ll be drawing from those. My only personal criteria is that the book was published in 2015 or earlier.

(If you’d like to learn more about the Throwback event, or join us, please let me know and I’d love to add you to the group so you can play along with our big bingo event!)

My goal for the readathon is FOUR (4) books!

My Throwback TBR…

Since my goal is to read 4 books from the list, I’ll pull 4 titles, but in case you guys are interested, this is the comprehensive list that I’ll be pulling from:

  1. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (2011)
  2. Vampire Academy (2007)
  3. The Iron King (2010)
  4. Shatter Me (2011)
  5. Beautiful Creatures (2009)
  6. Shiver (2009)
  7. The Scorpio Races (2011)
  8. Hush Hush (2009)
  9. Unwind (2007)
  10. Dark Lover (2005)
  11. The Thief (1996)
  12. Shutter (2015)
  13. Sharp Objects (2006)
  14. Dark Places (2009)
  15. Alice (2015)
  16. Saint Anything (2015)
  17. Hell House (1971)
  18. Ghost Story (1979)
  19. The Long Walk (1979)
  20. Howl’s Moving Castle (1986)
  21. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999)
  22. Poison Study (2005)
  23. The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008)
  24. The Forest of Hands and Teeth (2009)
  25. Wintergirls (2009)
  26. Paranormalcy (2010)
  27. Forbidden (2010)
  28. Anna and the French Kiss (2010)
  29. Anna Dressed in Blood (2011)
  30. Angelfall (2011)
  31. Second Chance Summer (2012)
  32. The Selection (2012)
  33. The Screaming Staircase (2013)
  34. The Foxhole Court (2013)
  35. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown (2013)
  36. Senlin Ascends (2013)
  37. I’ll Give You the Sun (2014)
  38. Ugly Love (2014)
  39. The Troop (2014)
  40. All the Light We Cannot See (2014)
  41. Bird Box (2014)
  42. The Kiss of Deception (2014)
  43. Traitor’s Blade (2014)
  44. Station Eleven (2014)
  45. You (2014)
  46. The Mime Order (2015)
  47. Menagerie (2015)
  48. Diary of a Haunting (2015)

The Random Winners Are…

  1. Anna and the French Kiss
  2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
  3. You
  4. Hush Hush

Whew, interesting quartet there! While Anna isn’t one I expect to like very much, I’m very intrigued by the other three books.

If I can complete all 4 with time to spare, which titles from the list do you guys think I should focus on next? Keep in mind that the throwback event lasts from July 1st to August 31st, so I’ll need plenty of suggestions!


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    1. I reread the entire Vampire Academy series every couple of years. Will always be one of my favorites, so if you have time I definitely recommend that one!

      1. Ooooh, that’s awesome! I know so many people who loved it back in the day but I never hear people say they still reread it so that makes me excited. 🙂 It is up at the top of my list for the throwback event now, thank you!

    1. The Screaming Staircase! You must join my love for Lockwood!
      (ps: I send a request to the group to join. Would love to know more about the throwback event but also just join in general if that is okay.)

      1. Ohhh, that one really sounds soooo good! If I can’t get to it for the throwback event, I will put it on my spooky TBR for this fall FOR SURE (but hopefully I can get to it for the throwback event, actually!).
        And YES that is so okay! I know I already added you but when I saw your name pop up in my FB notifications I did a little dance haha.

        1. It is for sure also a great Halloween read!
          I did a little dance when you friend requested me haha <3

    1. There are so many interesting readathons happening in July! I vote for The Thief and Poison Study! ^^

      1. Ohhh, are there? 😮 I don’t keep up with readathons well enough! Are you going to participate in any? I feel like I only do 1-2 readathons a year but I want to start doing them once every few months. And both of those are going on my “top priority” list now, thank you! ♥

        1. Ahh. I’m going to try to to participate in 2 but only reading 5 books altogether. I am going to do tome topple hosted by Sam at Thoughts on Tomes which is the beginning 2 weeks. In August there is a Harry Potter readathon to get your N.E.W.T.s hosted by Book Roast but you have to have “passed” your O.W.Ls so some people and I are getting our O.W.L.s in July. Oh! And there’s the 24in48 readathon which I always try but fail at…it’s still, fun though! And You’re welcome! ^^

          1. Ooooh, those all sound so fun! I did see the video about the tome topple one a few days ago but hadn’t decided if I’ll do that one yet or not. I think most of my July TBR titles are in the 400ish page range. I want to do a 24in48 SO BADLY, but my son just does not cooperate with that idea AT ALL, haha! Once he gets older, though, for sure.

    1. I will be very curious to see your thoughts on Anna ? I should send you the link to a Booktube rant on the book, but I won’t because I am sure it has spoilers. I hate to say, but nothing I have read about it is too promising. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is on my TBR though. Fingers crossed you enjoy. I wish I had time for readathons. Maybe soon! ❤

      1. Bahaha, oh noooo, don’t tell me that! ?? Okay, don’t let me forget, and I’m gonna ask you for the link AFTER I read it. I honestly would probably not bother, but I own it so I feel like I have to give it a chance, haha. I do have somewhat high hopes for Mara though! I hope you can soon, too ♥

      1. You totally should, Kathy! And thank you for the rec! 😀 I’m putting all of the recommendations up at the top of my TBR. My mom actually just read Bird Box last week and has been begging me to read it, too!

    1. The Battle of the Labyrinth!! (I’m always a sucker for Rick Riordan’s books. ??☺️) I’ve also read Second Chance Summer and I think it’s a pretty good summer contemporary read!

      1. I really do need to continue the PJO series! I keep saying I’m going to finish it *and* HoO before the end of the year but we’ll see… lol! Thank you for the recs! 😀

    1. Hush Hush is pretty juvenile, but not bad! And Anna is basically like cotton candy, nothing but fluffy sugar but if that’s all you’re expecting, then it’s good!

    1. This looks so interesting, I hope you enjoy it! At least you should be able to read Hush Hush and Mara Dyer pretty quickly. They’re both pretty bingeable!

      1. Oh, awesome! Yeah, that was one thing that I found relieving about the books I drew – I’ve heard they’re all really quick reads! A bunch of people have told me they read You in one sitting, too.

      1. Awwww, this makes me way more excited than I previously was, bahaha. I had actually removed Hush Hush from my TBR in a down the TBR hole post a while back, and then re-added it when someone asked if I’d be willing to trade something I had for it.

    1. I am super slow, but getting to this!!!! Highly recommend The Scorpio Races, Poison Study and Vampire Academy. I even enjoyed The Selection more than I thought I would. Let me know what Hush, Hush is like! It’s been on my TBR for a while now!!

      1. Thank you, adding them to my suggestions list right now! 😀 And I’m almost done with Hush, Hush (hopefully finishing it tonight) and have very mixed feelings. I think I’ll be giving it 2 stars and I’m not sure if I will continue the series. The love interest is just so toxic and the writing is not very skilled, in my opinion.

    1. Definitely give Second Chance Summer a try! One of my favorites of the year for sure! I also love the Selection if you’re looking for a guilty pleasure read!

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