TBR ROUNDUP: Looking Back At Old TBRs

July 7, 2018

I was thinking recently that June marked one year that I’ve been writing TBR and wrap-up posts, when an idea struck me:

What if we looked back at all of my former TBR lists, and came up with some figures for how many TBR choices I’ve actually read since then?

I wasn’t sure if this would be a well-received post, but I polled Twitter recently and the results were overwhelmingly in favor, so here we go!

June 2017 — 9 books listed:

6 read in June 2017:
– A Darker Shade of Magic
– Aftercare Instructions
– The Raven Boys
– Now I Rise
– Royal Bastards
– What I Lost
1 read after June 2017:
– The Lightning Thief
2 still on TBR:
– The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

July 2017 — 17 books listed:

12 read in July 2017:
– The Only Alien on the Planet (reread)
– Just Listen (reread)
– The Art of Starving
– Everything, Everything (reread)
– Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
– Sharing Sam (reread)
– Final Girls
– Gork, the Teenage Dragon
– This is How it Happened
– The Wood
– The Bone Season
– Cinder (reread)

4 read after July 2017:
– The Disappearances (DNF)
– Graveyard Shift (DNF)
– See What I Have Done (DNF)
– The Dream Thieves

1 still on TBR:
– Once and For All

August 2017 — 15 books listed:

7 read in August 2017:
– Illuminae (reread)
– The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
– All the Crooked Saints
– Girls Made of Snow and Glass
– The Spellbook of the Lost and Found
– Flame in the Mist
– Moxie

4 read after August 2017:
– Hunting Prince Dracula
– The Disappearances (DNF)
– The Roanoke Girls
– Feel Me Fall (DNF)

2 removed from TBR since then:
– Future Leaders of Nowhere
– Things I Should Have Known
2 still on TBR:
– My Lady Jane
– Nyxia


September 2017 — 29 books listed:

 23 read in September 2017:
– Black Bird of the Gallows
– Hunting Prince Dracula
– Starfish
– Brooding YA Hero
– Wild Beauty
– I Shall Not Be Moved
– Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Vol 2
– Fables, Vol 1-2
– Uzumaki: Spiral Into Horror
– I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
– Slasher Girls & Monster Boys
– The Dream Thieves
– Preacher, Vol 1 (DNF)
– The Wicked + The Divine, Vol 2
– Locke & Key, Vol 3-6
– Saga, Vol 5
– The Walking Dead, Vol 1
– The Park Bench
– Water Memory

1 read after September 2017:
– Nevernight
2 removed from TBR since then:
– Future Leaders of Nowhere
– Fortitude Smashed

3 still on TBR:
– Nyxia
– The Last Namsara
– The Tea Dragon Society


October 2017 — 25 books listed:

14 read in October 2017:
– The Walking Dead, Vol 2
– Sleepy Hollow & Other Short Stories (DNF)
– The Innocence Treatment
– The Hanging Girl
– Strange Weather
– The Goblins of Bellwater
– The Hearts We Sold
– The Ravenous
– One of Us is Lying
– There’s Someone Inside Your House
– Mary: The Summoning
– The Grownup
– Night Shift
– Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Vol 1

2 read after October 2017:
– The Hazel Wood
– Blue Lily, Lily Blue

1 removed from TBR since then:
– The Devils You Know
8 still on TBR:
– The Doll House
– Alone
– The Hollow Girl
– House of Furies
– Shutter
– Intensity
– The Graveyard Book
– Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


November 2017 — 21 books listed:

8 read in November 2017:
– Milk and Honey
– The Princess Saves Herself in This One
– Blue Lily, Lily Blue
– Feel Me Fall (DNF)
– Retribution Rails
– Girl Made of Stars
– Here We Are Now
– What We See in the Stars

5 read after November 2017:
– Rosemarked (DNF)
– Miles Away From You
– Gray Wolf Island
– Magnetic
– Now is Everything

2 removed from TBR since then:
– The Devils You Know
– Fortitude Smashed

6 still on TBR:
– The Glass Spare
– The Hollow Girl
– Alone
– Devil in Ohio
– The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
– Goldeline


December 2017 — 17 books listed:

11 read in December 2017:
– The Hate U Give
– The Hazel Wood
– Captive Prince
– Shadow & Bone (reread)
– Mud Vein
– Every Heart a Doorway
– Miles Away From You
– A Court of Thorns and Roses (reread)
– The Assassin’s Blade
– Love, Life, and the List
– Three Sides of a Heart

4 read after December 2017:
– Everless (DNF)
– Siege & Storm
– The Raven King
– Between the Blade and the Heart (DNF)

2 still on TBR:
– The Hollow Girl (3rd time? really?)
– A Conspiracy of Stars

January 2018 — 9 books listed:

5 read in January 2018:
– Reign of the Fallen
– Nice Try, Jane Sinner
– Wonder Woman: Warbringer
– The Dollmaker of Krakow
– Sabriel

2 read after January 2018:
– Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World
– Between the Blade and the Heart (DNF)

2 still on TBR:
– Batman: Nightwalker
– The Book Thief


February 2018 — 12 books listed:

8 read in February 2018:
– A Song Flung Up to Heaven
– Long Way Down
– Born a Crime
– To Kill a Kingdom
– PJO: The Titan’s Curse
– City of Ashes
– Illuminae (reread)
– Eliza and Her Monsters

2 read after February 2018:
– Children of Blood and Bone
– City of Glass

2 still on TBR:
– PJO: The Battle of the Labyrinth
– PJO: The Last Olympian


March 2018 — 17 books listed:

13 read in March 2018:
– Nevernight
– Furyborn (DNF)
– Circe
– Siege & Storm
– Obsidio
– Blood Water Paint
– The Wicker King
– The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion
– The Barrow Will Send What it May
– The Raven King
– The Rising (reread)
– Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World
– Fruits Basket, Collector’s Edition Vol 2

1 read after March 2018:
– Children of Blood and Bone
3 still on TBR:
– Strange the Dreamer
– The Shadow of What Was Lost
– PJO: The Battle of the Labyrinth


April 2018 — 15 books listed:

8 read in April 2018:
– A Gathering of Shadows
– Time Was
– Devils Unto Dust
– Throne of Glass
– The Hobbit
– Ace of Shades
– Six of Crows
– The Devil and the Deep

1 read after April 2018:
– Crooked Kingdom
6 still on TBR:
– The Alchemists of Loom
– Renegades
– Beyond a Darkened Shore
– Ash Princess
– I Felt Their Teeth in My Bones
– Strange the Dreamer
(this is getting ridiculous)

May 2018 — NO books listed for Moody May

June 2018 — 10 books listed:

8 read in June 2018:
– Captive Prince trilogy (reread)
– How to Make a Wish (reread)
– Autoboyography
– The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
– Every Heart a Doorway (reread)
– Summer Bird Blue

2 read after June 2018:
– Sawkill Girls
– In Other Lands




I can’t tell if I’m impressed that so little of my TBR titles over the last year are still on my TBR, or perturbed by how many of them were read later than I intended to. I think this is probably a sign that I need to make smaller TBRs!

I also think it’s pretty telling that I haven’t removed any from my TBR in a few months – that tells me I’ve gotten a better grip on predicting what I’ll actually want to read.

So, overall, I think this was kind of a cool post idea. Next, I’ll do a haul version, which I expect to be a lot bigger and more shameful. ? But, what can you do?

What did you think of this TBR roundup post? Would you ever do one like it with your own past TBRs? If so, I would love to see them! ♥


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    1. These are always so much fun to see.I think you are doing pretty well! I’m planning on doing one for a book haul too ever since I saw someone do it on youtube. 😀

    1. Fun idea! I actually did something similar a few years ago with a years worth of Waiting on Wednesday posts, to see how many I had actually read. I may do that again this year?

    1. I enjoyed that. I love stats and figures, but I am always too lazy to figure it out 🙂

    1. This was really cool to see! I think it’s super impressive that you got so many books read from your planned TBR if not when scheduled then sometime later in the year. And lol at Strange the Dreamer. ? I think if someone wasn’t leaving for a trip and wanted to borrow it, it might still be on my TBR, too!
      If I made monthly TBR’s I’d do this, but I usually don’t make one. I would do a closet unhaul challenge if I keep my blog up for 1 more year and 9 months, though haha.

      1. Thank you! Lmao, I can’t believe I haven’t finished Strange, honestly… sigh. I really need to! And yes, a closet unhaul would be neat! I thought about possibly doing that, but I would have to get rid of so many. Since I’ve been doing so well with my book ban for the last few weeks, I thought about maybe instilling some haul limits for the rest of the year through to next June, and then doing a year-long closet unhaul sort of thing like BooksAndLala did on booktube.

        1. Yea! I would do it like BooksandLala but definitely not in the next year lol. The limit sounds like a good plan, too!

    1. The Hollow Girl is a pretty solid book I think! If you manage to read it I would love to know what you think of it ? I’ve also just started getting into TBRs and I’m actually happy that it’s working for me.

      1. I honestly can’t believe I haven’t gotten to that one yet! I was really excited to read it, too. I should get to it soon. 🙂 Thank you for the encouragement! And yay, that makes me so happy! I love making monthly TBRs. Even though we’re only a week into July, I’ve started a little bit on my August TBR, haha.

    1. Love this post! I’m actually impressed with how many books from your TBR you read. I never make a TBR as I wouldn’t be able to hold myself to it at all haha. Would love to do it with haul posts though!

    1. I recently did this kind of post and the result aren’t very good xD I tend to make a tbr then abandoned it and read whatever my mood strikes. I need to find a working system ahaha!

      1. Bahahah oh noooo! It took me a while to get into the swing of TBRs, as you can kind of see from my “read in ___ month” percentages – they were pretty low in most of those early months!

    1. Hey, this is a great idea! I usually don’t do monthly TBRs, just challenge TBRs if there are any challenges I’m doing, but most of the time I end up reading different books for the prompts… it would be interesting to see how many of the books I read when I said I’d read them.
      I think you did quite well! You read most of them on time, and even if you read a few later than planned, you still read them at least 🙂

      1. Thank you, Alexa! 😀 You could even do a challenge TBR version, just to see how well you stuck to your challenges.
        Thank you! 🙂 I was actually pleasantly surprised by some of these!

    1. This was so fun to see! I don’t personally do monthly TBRs on the blog at least but this roundup and data analysis makes me want to. Great idea and thanks for sharing!

    1. This is a super cool idea! I don’t really make big TBRs like you but maybe I should keep it in track!

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