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May 20, 2020

If you know me at all, you already know I am obsessed with Animal Crossing, and have been for a very long time, so when I saw this awesome new tag from Becky & Angharad over at Two Book Thieves, you know I had to join in!

1. PAST VILLAGER — who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?

Oh, man, there are SO many! I’ve been a book dragon since I was a wee little thing, and I remember a lot of characters so fondly, so I’m gonna go way back and pick one of my first faves ever: Tobias from the Animorphs series. Poor, sweet hawk bb. ♥

(did anyone else watch the show? so nostalgic!)

2. BLATHER’S BLATHERINGS — recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read:

Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough. It’s a novel in verse (mostly) following Artemisia Gentileschi, the 16th-century painter, and her assault and subsequent trial (which was so unheard of!). It’s heart-breaking and beautiful and everything good about historical fiction.


3. CELESTE’S WISH — what if a future book release you wish you could read now?

There are some upcoming releases I’m REALLY excited for buuuut already have an eARC of, so I technically could read them if I knew how to manage my reading time better… ? So, I’ll go with something that isn’t even finished being written yet: Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff! Y’all, I trust this man’s writing too damn much NOT to think he’s going to blow us out of the water with a sexy, bloody vampire story.

4. TIMMY & TOMMY — what is your favorite sibling relationship in a book?

Oooh, that’s tough! I’m such a sucker for a good sibling relationship. I’m gonna go with the softest brothers: Kell and Rhy Maresh. ♥ I adore them so damn much.

In fact, STORY TIME! I met Victoria Schwab at an author event a couple of years back, while I was in between books 2 & 3. She asked what I thought of the series so far, and I told her, “All I want is for Kell and Rhy to be okay together in the end!” and she just laughed, and said, “Well, that’s complicated! You’ll see!” and I swear, y’all, I WAS SHAKING IN MY DAMN BOOTS because I was so nervous about her vague answer! ? I’m not gonna tell you what she meant, because spoilers, but… it was nerve-wracking.

23403402. sy475

5. THE EASTER BUNNY — a popular book character you’re not a big fan of:

Gale Hawthorne! I’m thinking about him right now because so many people are talking about THG again lately, and damn, y’all, I respect Team Gale members but I can’t stand him and never could. Even as a teen reading the series for the first time, I never understood what anyone saw in him, and now that I’m rereading the books? Nope, still don’t see it.

6. NOOK’S LOANS — an author you’d give all your money to:

Oh, there are too many, really. Seanan McGuire is the author I’ve spent the most money on, for sure, so we’ll go with her. Those Subterranean Press limited hardbacks are not cheap. ?

7. THE SISTERS ABLE — what is your favorite fictional family (found or otherwise)?

Definitely the Inner Circle from the ACOTAR series. I would protect any and all of them AT ALL COSTS. ?

(credit to Charlie Bowater)

8. IT’S A C+ — what is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?

Unpopular opinion, I know, but I don’t really hate any tropes! I think just about any trope can be done well by the right author or with the right characters.

9. THE WANDERING CAMEL — what is your favorite book set in a land far away from yours?

I read so much set in either North America or fantasy worlds that I really had to think about this one, which made me realize I need to read more books set in other parts of the world, so thank you for this question! ♥ I actually might steal Angharad’s answer of The Astonishing Color of After, which is set mostly in Taiwan. That’s clear across the globe from me, and it is such a gorgeous, stunning tale. ♥


10. WHAT WOULD DODOS DO — a fictional land you wish you could fly away to at any moment:

I always say this with a disclaimer of “it has to be while there’s no ongoing war!” because, you know, fantasy book reasons, but I’ll go with either Velaris or Red London. ♥

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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for taking part and tagging us. I’m currently rereading THG and I agree with you on the Gale thing for sure! <3
      – A

    1. Off course there would be an animal crossing book tag haha. It has been consuming my life for the past month, so I’m definitely not surprised! I really really should get around to reading a Darker Shade of Magic & The Astonishing Color of After soon. I’ve been meaning to do so for forever

    1. This is so cute! I also love the animal crossing series–though I don’t currently own New Horizons or a Switch yet because they are sold out and I just got a PS4 for Christmas, so I don’t need to get another gaming system right away lol!!

      Jasmine |

      1. Oof, the Switch is SOOO hard to find right now from everything I’m hearing!! But I hear you on not getting another system yet – we definitely like to space those WAAAAY out in our house lol! So much money. ? I hope you like ACNH whenever you pick it up, though!

      1. It is honestly so, SO beautiful and sad and just… heavy, in the best way? I think it’ll stay with me forever, because every time I think back on it I just feel so fond and emotional! <3

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