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March 7, 2019

It’s time for another round of Tag Thursday! This week’s tag is one I’m especially excited for, as it was created by my sweet friend Ellyn, whom I love VERY much and you should absolutely go follow if you aren’t already! Her content is creative and fun, her posts are thoughtful and always full of great points, and her site is gorgeous, plus her personality can’t be beat. ♥♥



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1. Why did you start blogging & why have you kept blogging?

I started blogging because, ever since childhood, I’ve loved talking to people about books. Reviewing and recommending them to people just made sense to me!
I’ve stayed at it because it’s a great outlet for my creative energies, I’ve made so many wonderful friends and connections, and it’s fun. I’m the type of person who needs to be kept very busy for my mental health to stay out of the red, and blogging helps me with that. Plus, let’s be honest — I couldn’t financially support my own reading habits if it weren’t for the amazing review copies publishers provide me with. ♥

2. What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Oooh, that’s tough! Discussion posts are probably the most fun, because I can ramble and get carried away, but I’m also really fond of any kind of bookish list memes, like Top Ten Tuesday or TBR Lows & Highs.

3. What are your top 3 favorite blog posts?

I saw this question and was like, “oh crap, how do I choose?!” so I tried looking at my most viewed posts of all time, and realized that none of my most popular posts are my favorites! ? I mean, my #1 most popular post is my Harry Potter tag with over 5k views of its own, but I did that tag on a whim and never looked back at it. I think these would be my favorites, though:

1. Different Criteria for Different Genres?
2. How I’m Celebrating Samhain (AKA my witchy “coming out” post)
3. TBR Roundup / Haul Roundup

4. What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Reading, gaming, listening to music, taking a long shower, or—especially in the warm months (which, in Georgia, is basically mid-March to early November!)—going for long drives with some loud music and the windows down.
The best part about that last one is that, over the last few months, a flip switched in my kiddo and he changed from disliking car rides to asking for them everyday (he literally told me a few days ago, “Mama, I need a car ride!” ?).
I love going on little rides with him in the backseat, dancing and singing along to the music I play and chattering away at me. ♥

5. What are 3 of your favorite things?

If I don’t include any living beings, I guess I’ll say books, music, and video games?

6. What are your proudest blogging moments?

Any time someone tells me that I taught them something new or helped them find themselves reflected in the representation in a book. Every so often, I’ll get tagged in a post/tweet or will receive a comment saying someone appreciates the diverse reads I promote or something, and those moments literally ALWAYS choke me up and make my entire day. I can’t even describe to you all how much it means to me just to hear that I can help improve anyone else’s reading life or life in general. ♥♥♥♥

7. What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

Playing with my kiddo, gaming, music listening, and traveling are really the bulk of it! If I had to say anything else, probably horror movie watching/marathon-ing, YouTube rabbit holes, organizing things, making lists… oh, and I really love going on day trips with my spouse to find local haunts and exploring them whenever possible, though that’s been put on hold for the most part since my son was born.
Oh! And I can happily lose myself for the day in Atlanta any time, meandering through the city, shopping and people-watching. ?

8. Describe your personality in 3 words:

Libra-est Libra ever. (I have literally described myself like this to people countless times lmao)

9. What are your top 3 pet peeves?

General rudeness and/or bigotry, ASMR ‘mouth sounds’ (breathing, whispering, etc. — extremely triggering and also annoys the hell out of me), and when a word or name is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t grab it.

10. What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

Probably how bad my impostor syndrome gets at times. Logically, I know that I have built up a really cool following, and that I have made so many amazing friends and met so many cool people and gets loads of opportunities I never dreamed I would get, ever; emotionally, though, I still tend to view myself as this baby beginner blogging with 100 followers and crappy reviews. Because of it, I tend to worry a lot that I’m annoying people with my presence, which is why I get so quiet on social media for long periods of time sometimes—because I convince myself that nothing I have to say is worth hearing.
WOW. Okay, whew, that was a LOT deeper than I actually meant for it to go. It’s not easy for me to open up about my mental health and self-image with people at all, so, uh… y’all go easy on me, please ??

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Just a horror aficionado/geek girl trying to juggle motherhood, reading, blogging, gaming, and everyday life.

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    1. I dont know if it helps or not but whenever you even like one of my posts I about jump up and down. You are like a legend. It amazes me that publishers just send you books without you even asking. I’m not at all dismissing your mental illness. I have my own and no matter what people say it doesn’t change how I feel. But at least you know someone sees what you have accomplished and looks to you as one of the people to emulate.

    1. I feel the same as you on social media! I feel like some of it is that I don’t want keep fanning a fire that keeps spreading and also I like being private about many things about me there lol. But I loved this tag 🙂 you’re such an awesome person.

    1. Why is it that our favourite posts are never the most popular? I would be annoyed but in the end I’m happy *some*one sees my work. And I had to smile about your child getting into a love of car rides. I can just picture a little voice saying “I need a car ride!”
      For what it’s worth, you have inspired me and my own blogging (how I analyze the books I read and how I present my reviews). I know I’m better at what I do thanks to you! Always do what you need to for your mental health and thank you for sharing your experiences 🙂

      1. Haha right!! Like you said, you can’t get mad about it, but sometimes it’s like, what the heck! And yeah, it was so freaking cute. ?
        Awww, thank you so so much, this means the world to me! You’re so sweet and you inspire me, too! ???

    1. Destiny, I feel you so hard on the imposter syndrome! That’s a big reason In often let my twitter replies and blog comments pile up… honestly I get really awkward and uncomfortable a lot and just need to hide for awhile. (One of my favorite responses to compliments is “awkward whale noises”.) But your blog is incredible and yours was actually one of the first that I followed! I looked up to you so much and wanted to be your friend SO BADLY… I was so nervous when I burst into your replies to ask if I could invite myself into your Mirage group read, but you were so incredibly kind and welcoming! It meant the world to me, and ever since then I have considered myself really blessed to consider you a real life friend. I’m forever grateful for you and your friendship!
      And uh wow, that got deep but here we are. *posts and runs away to hide*

      1. I’m so glad I’m not alone but, at the same time, I’m so sorry you deal with it, too! “Awkward whale noises” killed me, I love that. Oh my gosh, Kal, you’re literally making me cry (in a good way). You are SO SWEET and it’s so funny that you were nervous because *I* wanted to be *YOUR* friend, but I was too nervous to find a good way to talk to you on that level! ? Thank the universe for buddy reads. I adore you and am so blessed to have you in my life. ♥♥♥♥ You, too, are stuck with me haha!

    1. I love this Tag and your answers!. I think you’re so inspiring and you look like such a GREAT person, makes me happy to follow your blog. I just wanted to say that and I hope you have a beautiful day ??✨

    1. I love this tag!
      Also I always love reading your posts <3

    1. Ahh, Destiny, you’re so nice I love you so much!!! ?????? I don’t deserve your love (but your friendship makes me so happy so… I’ll get over myself now).
      Books, Music & Video games – is that not the dream life? Now, if we never had to leave the house that would be AMAZING!
      Oh my god yes, a long shower is the best way to relax (just don’t think about how much water you’re using bc it has the opposite effect! – I usually lower the water pressure if I’m in for a long shower!) Do you do baths? I know they’re popular but my bath is a bit too small for an adult and there’s something about sitting in a vat of my own germs that really puts me off. Though, I do enjoy the appeal of having that extra time to properly relax and read!
      Also, long car rides are definitely one of my favourite things EVER – they’re just so much fun and because I don’t get car sick I’m always happy for hour+ trips!
      OH MY GOD DESTINY YOU ARE SO RIGHT! The actual worst thing in the world is when you’re trying to think of a word and you know it, goddamnit but you just can’t say it! I have this issue so often when blogging and I’m terrible at explaining things so whenever I ask someone if they know the word, they just look at me like I’m from another dimension. But, I feel like it always strikes whenever I’m having a group discussion or something, it’s mortifying because it’s like someone pressed pause on my brain!
      I totally get you with the Imposter Syndrome – I definitely don’t have as many followers as you but I still have a healthy amount and in my head, even though I love blogging, I never think my posts are good enough or that anyone would ever want to read them. ANYWAY, WE LOVE YOU!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. YOU are the amazing one and I’m the lucky one to have you, beautiful!! ♥
        Oh my gosh, the water waste, I KNOW. ? My hot water doesn’t last very long so I guess it’s a good thing in disguise as I can’t take *super* long showers like I did as a kid when I didn’t know any better. We sadly don’t even have a tub!! We just have a standing shower and the basin is only about two inches deep so it can’t hold water for a bath. I miss baths, but when I used to take them, I would take a very quick rinse in the shower, then sit in the bath, and then right before I got out, would take another super quick shower just to soap all the germs off. ? So I definitely feel you on the “vat of germs” thing!
        I love you so much and I love how well we relate to each other, even if it’s with things that aren’t fun like forgetting words and brain pauses and impostor syndrome. ?? I love you!!

    1. Lovely answers for this tag, Destiny! I so agree that every time someone mentions a book they’ve read because of me, appreciates a review I’ve done or just a post I wrote, it just makes my day and makes me so, so happy. <3
      And you're doing amazing and are such an amazing blogger, really <3 I get that imposter's syndrom feeling, I get it every single day. You're an incredible blogger <3

      1. Thank you so much! <3 Awww yes, it's the best feeling. Thank you so much, and I'm sorry you deal with the impostor syndrome issues too, but I hope you know that your content is INCREDIBLE and you are truly one of the kindest and most inspirational bloggers I know. ♥♥

        1. Oh Destiny I’m going to cry? you’re too sweet, this means so much, thank you ?

    1. I definitely see where you’re coming in regards to disappearing on social media at times, Destiny! As wonderful as social media is, I feel that it can honestly make us feel isolated sometimes, when we compare ourselves to others. Or at least that’s how it is for me sometimes. But, Destiny, you are such a sweet, kind-hearted person and an AMAZING blogger! I looked up to you so much when I began blogging, and still do to this day! You’re a queen, and I’m so thankful for our friendship! ❤️

      1. Oh, I completely agree about how isolating it can be! I’m sorry you feel it, too. 🙁 Awww, thank you so much, lovely!! ♥♥ That makes me feel so good because you are literally one of my #1 biggest blogger inspirations! Your content is just… GOALS haha! Thank you and I’m so glad to have you as a friend too!!

    1. I love seeing everyone’s answers to this tag! I’m so excited to be doing it later this month! I think it’s really great to be able to get to know bloggers in more ways than just their bookish opinions!

    1. “Libra-est Libra ever” lmao!! Best quote. Oh and I totally copied you with not including people with my favourite things … it makes this WAY more difficult. Great answers! I wanted to put video games — and they’re so up there in favs … but they just missed the list ha-ha! I needed a top 10 for this tag.

    1. I understand Impostor Syndrome, it’s a strange thing. I know it gets in the way with my writing. Even as I’ve published a poetry collection working on my own novel feels like it’s not real until it’s real, real, like no longer in progress.
      Not being able to find the word you’re thinking of is horrible. It makes me feel so crazy. That and when you have something on your mind, oh remember to do ________ and then the thought disappears. You’re left standing in the middle of a room saying why did I come in here, OMG I know there was something I needed to grab. Lol. I feel crazy when people are rude to wait staff especially. I mean if the waitress/waiter is rude that’s one thing but loads of people treat them like they’re less than, it’s so annoying.
      Great post and thanks for sharing! You’ll have to tell us some of your favorite games. 😀

      1. I’m sorry you struggle with Impostor Syndrome, too! It’s such a frustrating thing, especially when you KNOW you suffer from it but you can’t stop yourself from feeling it. Hopefully we will both find ways to overcome it a bit in the future. 🙂 And thank you!

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