"I want to play a game…" (or the Saw/Jigsaw Book Tag!)

October 8, 2018

Thank you to Heather for tagging me in this creepy tag! I actually love the Saw film franchise. I have a blu-ray collection of the 7 main films and binge watch them all in a row at least once a year. I wasn’t as fond of Jigsaw, the 2017 addition, but I still thought it was worth seeing! I digress—let’s get on with the tag! Heather said she originally found it on Hardback Hoarder’s channel and the original creator is Wolfshot Publishing.

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1. You wake up in The Room. Who wakes up with you?

  • Someone You Choose:
    • Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles — I don’t actually like Scarlet much, but hear me out: she’s clever enough to be helpful, but “meh” enough that I won’t be heartbroken if she dies. ?
  • The Brains:
    • Victor Vale from The Villains series — I’m gonna steal Heather’s answer for this one, because though I’ve only read Vicious, it was enough to show that Victor is absolutely brilliant!
  • The Brawn:
    • Cassian from the ACOTAR series — He’s strong, a badass fighter, and would offer some comic relief, if nothing else.
  • Someone Jigsaw Would Choose:
    • Celaena Sardothien *specifically from Heir of Fire* — If I can pick one specific book in the series and not the whole series, I’m thinking that Celaena’s behavior in the first half-ish of HoF, when she’s moping around drinking and mourning (justifiably, but still), I could totally see Jigsaw snatching her up to teach her a lesson in valuing her life.
  • Someone On the Outside Looking For You:
    • Thomas Cresswell from the Stalking Jack the Ripper series — Thomas is super smart, and if I was lucky enough to have won over his affections in any way, I feel like he’d stop at nothing to try to help me get out of there alive.

2. You’re starting the game and the first puzzle takes someone out. Who dies first?

Scarlet. Toldja I picked her for a reason…

3. You’ve made it to the steam room. You need a partner to go through the maze while you switch a level to shoot hot steam for them to make it through. Who is your partner?

Celaena. She’s super nimble and quick-moving from being an assassin, right?

4. Oops, your partner died! Now you are strapped to the Shotgun Carousel. Who do you shoot?

Dammit, Celaena! Okay… sorry, Victor, but you’ve gotta go.

5. You and the last character are about to escape. Billy the Puppet strolls in and tells you it’s up to a coin toss to see who survives. Heads you survive, tails the other character survives.

From Heather’s answer, I’m gathering I’m supposed to answer this by saying who I think would/should live? Obviously, I’m going to pick myself over a fictional character. 😛 But, in all fairness, Cass is probably doing a lot more good for the world than I am in this hypothetical situation… Anyways, hopefully Thomas will show up and save us before the coin gets tossed.


I tag anyone and everyone who likes this film franchise and wants to chime in on this tag!



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      1. THANK YOU. ? She’s the only character in the whole series (besides Levana, naturally) who I genuinely dislike, and honestly, I’m probably being unfair, but I love Wolf so much and I still haven’t forgiven her for being such a jerk to him in book 2 (even though I know she had some pretty understandable reasons, when I look at it logically, lol)

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