The Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

May 30, 2019

It’s time for another round of Tag Thursday! I stole this one from Meeghan, a blogger I adore VERY much so you absolutely need to pop over and follow!


1. how long have you been blogging?

Let’s see… I started reviewing books on GR in October of 2016, and I think I technically created this blog in November of 2016, but I don’t think I posted my first blog post until early January of 2017. So, 2.5 years roughly?

2. at what point do you think you’ll stop blogging?

I’m obviously not gonna promise that I’ll never stop, because nobody can predict that, but I don’t foresee it right now. I love blogging, I love the friends I’ve made, and it provides me with a very much-needed creative outlet. I’ve never been good at sticking to hobbies or anything, so you can even ask my family and they’ll agree, we’re all SHOCKED that I’ve stayed with this so consistently over the last couple of years. ?

3. what is the best thing about blogging?

Outwardly, the community; inwardly, the release it offers me. It lets me get out of my own head for a while.

4. what is the worst thing? what do you do to make it okay?

Definitely the toxic parts of the community. Every community has its rough spots, especially when it all primarily takes place online where personalities clash, things are taken out of context, and bullies can hide behind computer screens. I just try to be liberal with my block and mute buttons on twitter, and to steer clear of the drama as much as possible.

5. how long does it take you to make/find pictures to use?

The longer I’ve been a content creator, the more I’ve come to value giving people credit and not abusing images, so it can take a while sometimes to find something that’s open use. That’s the biggest reason I almost exclusively make my own images with photos I take and PicMonkey edits.

6. who is your book crush?

I mean… I have a lot. ? Rhysand definitely comes to mind as one of my favorites. Mia Corvere is another one high on my list.

7. what author would you like to have on your blog?

I’ve never had an author on my blog, but I’d like to start doing that before the year is out! Jonathan Janz would be one of my first choices — he’s such a great guy and I really believe in the work he’s producing. Another top pick would be Jay Kristoff, or Victoria Schwab (though I’m not sure if either of them do blog interviews!).

8. what do you wear when you write your blog posts?

Wow, this is a question indeed. ? Whatever I’m normally wearing, which is either pajamas (read: leggings and tank tops) or whatever I’ve worn out that day (jeans and either a nice blouse for work or a band or nerdy tee for days off).

9. how long does it take you to prepare?

Definitely depends on the post! If I have a discussion idea in mind, I can throw it together in 10-15 minutes, sometimes (fast typer). Book lists and reviews take a bit longer. Tags vary based on the tag.

10. how do you feel about the blogging community?

Like I said, every community has its bad apples, but overall, I genuinely think this is an amazing place to be. I’ve made so many friends that I honestly believe would be there if I needed them, even if I stopped blogging, and that’s not something I can say about a lot of the online communities I’ve been a part of over the last 15-17 years.

11. what do you think one should do to create a successful blog?

Write what you’re passionate about, but try to find a way to read your audience, too; I know we all like to say you should write only what you like, but at the end of the day, there are things you like posting that your audience doesn’t care about reading, and that’s just the brutal truth of it all. We’re never all going to like the same things. Does that mean you can’t post on your film/book review blog about your collection of dead beetles? Hell, no! But, you know, maybe ALSO post some things that your audience is excited about. ? Find a way to keep people interested.
Beyond that, engage with other creators, too! You can’t just take, take, take and never give anything back. I mean, you COULD, but a lot of people won’t want to support you if they see you in that light.

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    1. Love your answers. I think on the whole the book blogging community is one of the most welcoming groups of people I have interacted with ?

    1. DESTINNNNYYYY!!!!! I love you so much and your answers just solidify my love for you, sorry not sorry but the love is there and you can’t do anything about it! I 100% agree with you about our dear ol’ community here, it can be the absolute best thing in this world, but it can also be the most toxic thing, which is can be said for every community that is filled with different personalities, opinions, worldviews, and beliefs that is on the internet (*side eyes all my communities on Tumblr when I was a teen*)
      Thank you so much for the tag my dear! I look forward to doing this one! <3

      1. Please don’t ever say sorry for the love because I love you so much too! ?? I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels so convoluted about this community lmao. But like you said, that’s every community, especially online!

    1. Great post!! I definitely try to stay away from toxic people, but overall I LOVE the book blogging community!!

    1. Destiny!!, Thank you SO much for tagging me, honey! Super excited to do it myself very soon ?
      Love every second reading your answers because I feel each of your words, especially about the community, I know that sometimes there are conflicts and there are some toxic people, like everywhere, but in general, there’s nothing more wonderful than the bookish community, full of incredible people always ready to help and support each other, I just feel blessed to be part, because I’ve been able to meet people like you ❤️ ❤️

    1. Thank you Destiny!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tag, and I love the comment about reading your audience – so true!! ? Thanks also for the blog love ??

    1. Hard same about how the book community can sometimes be toxic, but it’s one of the most amazing online communities out there. I love how, though there are some with bad attitudes, almost everyone is kind and so happy to interact with each other. I also love how everyone here seeks to boost diversity and intersectionality! It’s the best and I loved reading all your answers to this tag. ?

    1. Lovely tag! I love the bookish community since there are so many wonderful people here! But there are definitely a few toxic people around. Bookish twitter is so scary sometimes, I try to stay away ?

      1. Bahahaha, I feel you! I’ve been trying to stay off of twitter as much as possible lately and even removed the app icon from my home page and moved it a few screens down on my iPhone just to try and dissuade myself from looking at it as often. ? It might sound silly, but it’s actually worked! Out of sight, out of mind, I guess?

    1. ah thanks so much for the tag! I really enjoyed these questions and your answers, and I feel like I don’t talk about these kinds of topics on my blog at all, so I am looking forward to doing the tag!
      i love what you said about finding your audience – that’s so important, despite the fact that you should try to write things you’re passionate about. i feel like a big part of having a successful blog is knowing how to communicate and get feedback from your audience on the stuff they enjoy and love. so I think that’s amazing advice that you gave!

      1. You’re welcome, love! <3 I'm glad you like the tag and I can't wait to read your answers! Also, I'm really glad the advice resonated with you — I always worry about sounding too "brutally honest" about that kind of thing, but I feel pretty strongly about it haha!

    1. This is such a fantastic tag and I really enjoyed reading your answers! I totally agree with you on writing what you are passionate about – I tend to follow the people whose passion shines through. I am looking forward to doing this one eventually!

    1. Thank you for the tag!
      I love the bookish community! Everyone is generally so supportive!I agree with posting what your passionate about but then also keeping in mind what your audience would want to read about.

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