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August 15, 2019

It’s time for another round of Tag Thursday! I grabbed this one from the lovely Kelly a few days ago because, even though I’m no big fan of summer, it was such a fun tag (and her answers were awesome as always, so be sure to check her post out!).


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One I just finished and LOVED was In the Shadow of Spindrift House. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this spooky little novella was, but I tried to do it justice in my review, if you want to check it out below. The novella takes place in an abandoned mansion by the sea, complete with a haunted widow’s walk overlooking a rocky cliff. It’s so atmospheric!

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When I think of a romance that reminds me of fire, I can’t help but think of a romance that wreaks a bit of havoc and leaves a little destruction in its wake. I’m going with Clary and Jace from the TMI series. They definitely made a pretty big impact on a lot of people and each other… for better and for worse. ?

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The sky is blue, Keanu Reeves is a delight, and I’m failing yet again to make it through a tag post without mentioning one of Margaret Rogerson’s books. What else is new?

My favorite part of AEOR is, in fact, the bits where Isobel and Rook are traveling. More specifically, when Rook becomes convinced that Isobel is starving to death at every turn. Poor, pitiful, overly literal Rook.

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Aurora Rising! It left me… starstruck? ‘Cause it’s set in space? I’ll see myself out… Seriously, though, this book made my whole year. It’s still one of the best books I’ve read in 2019 and I have no doubt it will still be one of my favorite reads of the year by the time December 31st rolls around. It was just so much fun, and I loved the characters so much it physically pained me a little. And really, what’s the point in reading a book where the characters don’t hurt you at least a little?

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It’s been a while, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget how desperate I was to finish The Bone Season as fast as humanly possible because I was freaking IN IT. Damn, how have I not continued this series yet?! What’s wrong with me? ? Don’t worry, Paige, I’ll return to our adventures soon!

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Okay, look, don’t throw things at me. I know a lot of people hated this series finale, and while I don’t agree, I get it… but y’all, as someone who was Team Peeta from the moment I met his cute lil’ baker-boy head back in 2008 or whenever it was, I loved the progression their relationship took in the end. I’m still such a sucker for the boy with the bread.


You know what, while we’re on the topic of books that everyone’s already sick of hearing me talk about, let’s go: ACOMAF. And the reason why is a little, er… adult… so if you want to skip on past, do your thing, but let me tell you something. ACOMAF was the first book I have EVER(!!!) read in my life where, in an m/f relationship, the woman’s pleasure is prioritized! Y’all can say what you want about SJM’s smut writing, I don’t care, the point still stands that ACOMAF taught me as a reader of smut that I 100% deserve to see women gettin’ the goods instead of just givin’ ’em. ??? If that’s not a breath of fresh air, I dunno what is.

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Dirtyhands Kaz Brekker and the sweet, precious, gentle progress he made towards overcoming his touch-aversion. Y’all know what I’m talking about and that shit was CUTE. We stan our angsty little murder-babies overcoming their fears and learning how to show affection towards our other angsty little murder-babies.

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I feel like people are always talking about delicious books, and I can’t relate, and it makes me sad. I just… don’t really get hungry over food descriptions… almost ever?  Nothing ever really sticks out in my memory like, “Oh, don’t mind the water damage on this page, it’s just from my drooling!” except the indubitably cliche answer of the Harry Potter books. Even I’m not immune to the power of pumpkin pasties.

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Oof. This one hurts my heart a little because the lesson it taught me is one I still struggle to remember sometimes. In The Only Alien on the Planet, Ginny has every opportunity to judge Smitty the way everyone else does, and she even considers it at first, before coming to realize there’s a damned good reason why he acts the way he does. I first read this book as a preteen, and it taught me a pre-cursor to what would become one of my favorite quotes, and the mantra that I most strongly try to live my life by everyday: Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

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    1. I’m reread The Bone Season at the moment and I haven’t been able to put it down. This is the first time I’m seeing this tag and I love it! Aurora Rising left me starstruck as well!

    1. Ah, I love your answers so much, Destiny!! I’m actually reading Aurora Rising right now, and I’m so sad to say that so far I haven’t been loving it as much as I hoped I would! It’s been only okay as of right now, but I’m hoping it picks up! <3

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