The Weekly Wrap — April 1st, 2020

April 1, 2020

The Weekly Wrap is a new post I’ll be doing every week where we’ll talk about current reads, recently finished reads, what I’m listening to, games I’m playing, movies I’m watching, and general life stuff. ♥ If you’re a fan of my past WWW Wednesday & The Sunday Post updates, you’ll love this combination of the two!


? on the blog:

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? latest video uploads:

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? current reads:

  1. Seven Deadly Shadows
  2. Bent Heavens
  3. The Shadow of What Was Lost
  4. The Diviners
  5. Geekerella
  6. Vampire Academy
  7. Rosemary and Rue
  8. Sick Kids in Love
  9. Medicine Man
  10. The Red Pyramid
  11. Ghost Squad
  12. Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?


✅ recently finished:

  1. Persuasion ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  2. Hex ❌ (I DNF’d this one VERY early on — like, way sooner than I usually allow myself to DNF review copies *ever* — because I hated the narrative voice SO MUCH)
  3. Into the Drowning Deep ⌛ (My buddy read partner, Mark, and I decided to set this one aside until we’re both in better places to enjoy it as much as it deserves! I loved what I read of it so far, though.)


⏰ up next:

I decided over the last week or so that I think I would like to start setting myself reading goals again! Even if I don’t succeed at them all, I want to at least start trying again. I want to finish some current reads, plus I have a buddy read starting today, and the rest of this list is just review copies coming out this week & next week.

  1. The Bone Season (buddy read)
  2. The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires
  3. How to Make Friends with the Sea
  4. Rules for Being a Girl
  5. The Perfect Escape
  6. You Deserve Each Other


? new review arrivals:

  • e-arcs:
    • Beach Read
    • The Puppet’s Payback and Other Chilling Tales
    • How I Survived
    • Happily Ever After & Everything In Between
  • print arcs:
  • audio arcs:


?? what I watched:

  • ? The Lake House (2006) — ?⭐⭐⭐⭐? (I hadn’t seen this in YEARS, but Ellyn & I buddy watched it and wow, I loved it just as much as I remembered. Sandra & Keanu are the softest, most precious beans.)
  • ? Tiger King (2020) — ????? (holy shit. my spouse & I binge watched this and we LOVED IT! I have never enjoyed a documentary so much in my life! We haven’t stopped talking about it in days and everything that goes wrong in our house is Carole Baskin’s fault tbh.)
  • ? The Witcher (2019) [S1E1-6] — ????? (I can’t believe we didn’t watch this sooner. Amazing. Flawless. Obsessed. 2 episodes left and I’m not ready for this season to end.)


? what I’m listening to:

  • Just audiobooks this week!


? what I’m playing:

  • ANIMAL CROSSING ANIMAL CROSSING ANIMAL CROSSING (yes, still, this is all I’m playing)

Image result for animal crossing new horizons


life updates:

This week has mostly been a LOT better. Still some ups and downs, of course, but it’s been nice not spending every single waking moment in an endless spiral of panic and agonizing levels of depression. ? Seriously, though, all the love in the world to the developers of Animal Crossing because it has been such an amazing source of escapism for me lately.


goals for the coming week:

I’m putting this section on hold for now.


a few last words:




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    1. I’m absolutely loving your hair!!
      Enjoy your reading!


      1. Awww the Sims is awesome, though! ? I go through a period once a year or so where I get OBSESSED with Sims for like, 2 months, and then I burn out so badly on it, I don’t play it again for several months. It’s awful lmao. If I could ever learn to play it in moderation, I’d probably play it all the time ?

    1. I am so close to buying Animal Crossing because it seems like everybody is talking about it and I need the escape too!
      And also, it’s impressive that you read 12 books at the same time! How do you do that?! 🙂

    1. Oooh, The Witcher, yessss! My roommate and I finally got around to watching it a couple weeks ago and we literally binged the entire show within a 24 hour period! And now it’s been haunting my mind ever since, ahhhhhh. And lol, we (and our other housemate) just started Tiger King last night!

      And oooh, you got an ARC of Beach Read? I’m so jealous; I can’t wait until it releases!
      And glad to hear this week was better for ya–I hope this trend continues for ya! 🙂

      1. Haha that’s awesome about The Witcher! It was so freaking good. I really want to rewatch it! How did you like Tiger King? And thank you <3 <3 I hope your week is going well!

        1. SO GOOD! I want season 2 so bad. I should probs also look into the books too…
          And Tiger King was insane but also so good & addicting! Did ya watch the bonus episode?
          Hope you also have a great week! 🙂

            1. Yeah, I get that. I thought it was an amusing aftermath episode and cool to hear so extensively from all these side “characters,” but yeah, a little flat because it was just facetime interviews and not an actual part of the original documentary

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