The Weekly Wrap — July 5th, 2020

July 5, 2020

the weekly wrap

It’s time for another weekly update!

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current reads

  1. The Shadow of What Was Lost
  2. The Unsuitable
  3. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
  4. Cinderella is Dead
  5. Beach Read
  6. Pet
  7. Burn Our Bodies Down
  8. The Battle of the Labyrinth ?
  9. The Wives
  10. Mirage ?
  11. Full Tilt


just finished

⌛ set aside for now | ❌ permanent DNF | ? re-read

You know how I didn’t finish anything last week? Uhhh… I seem to have made up for that this week. ?

  1. The Worst Best Man ⭐⭐⭐?
  2. Camp Carnage ⭐⭐
  3. Benny Rose, the Cannibal King ?????
  4. Upright Women Wanted ?????
  5. The Monster of Elendhaven ?????
  6. A Collection of Dreamscapes ⭐⭐⭐⭐?
  7. Finding Faeries (no rating)
  8. The House on Abigail Lane ?????


up next

I’m taking the weekend off from social media and it’s helped me read SO much more, so I want to try and stay off of twitter for the most part in the coming week, too, and knock out as much of my currently-reading list as possible. I also need to start my ARC of Girl, Serpent, Thorn ASAP to prep for a blog tour post, and I start my buddy read of House of Earth and Blood with Whitney today! ?


new review copies

  • Body Talk
  • Kushiel’s Dart (re-release)
  • The Project


other obsessions

I still played a ton of ACNH (how great is the new diving update?! I missed diving SO MUCH) and Sea of Thieves, but I also picked up What Remains of Edith Finch this week and tore through it in one sitting, as fast as possible, because I couldn’t possibly look away. It was one of the best games I’ve ever played in my life and I HIGHLY recommend it. ♥

We also started the new Unsolved Mysteries episodes and those have been amazing so far. I grew up watching the old show all the time with my grandmother and it was one of my all-time faves, so even though I miss Robert Stack’s narration, it’s still been great to have new episodes to enjoy.


life updates

I realized this week that I have been spending an overwhelming amount of time on twitter over the last month (as in, by my tracking estimates, 4+ hours per DAY?!?!), and I think it’s a huge part of why I’ve been feeling so slumpy, cranky, depressed, anxious, and overall not in a good place over the last few weeks. I’m not going on a hiatus again because I want to find a healthy balance instead of all or nothing, so instead, I’m going to try to start limiting myself to no more than 5-10 minutes of scrolling, 1-2 times per day. I’ll still be replying to DMs, because those aren’t really a problem for me, but I absolutely have to(!!!) get a handle on this incessant doom-scrolling.

Anyways, Ellyn and I decided to hold each other accountable to stay off of twitter this weekend, and as a result, I read something like 700 pages in 48 hours AND had some awesome family time AND beat a video game. ? Soooo, clearly something’s working here, lmao.

How are you all holding up? I hope July treats us all better than June did. ♥



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    1. Wow, 8 books, that is amazing. I wish I could read that much! I just started reading House of Earth and Blood myself. I hope we both end up liking it. Also, I did the same thing with Twitter. I deleted the app right off my phone and removed the bookmark from my browser. I decided to take a bit of a break from that and instagram as well since the 15th of June. It was such a time suck for me and I didn’t really like that. After the month is up I am going to see if I want to go back or not.

      1. Thank you! I hope we both love it, too! And I hope staying off of social media helps you as much as it’s been helping me. ♥ It is SUCH a time suck, it’s wild!

    1. So glad you liked Cannibal King – it was so much freaking fun! I have been on Twitter for prob a month and my mental health has gone way down, so has my reading. I’m also working on staying off and setting limits. I honestly think that place has it’s merits but it’s really hard on the mental health if you are on there too long.

      1. It was so good! I definitely want to check out some of the other books in the series. And I’m sorry Twitter has been messing with your MH so much but I hope setting limits helps. ♥

    1. girl, i don’t even want to talk about my twitter stats before i cut down, aah! staying off it has definitely helped me read more too, it’s really nice. and i’m not constantly caught up in drama. glad you had such a good weekend! <3

      1. Ugh I’m glad I’m not alone lmao. It’s so easy to just lose entire days scrolling tbh? It’s a mess. And yeah, like you said, the drama… I got on for 5mins today and saw that some shit was going down, and I started to snoop around and see if I could find out what happened before I abruptly realized it didn’t affect me and I didn’t give a shit. ? It was a good feeling to just close out and go on with my day.

        1. haha, good job!!! i definitely find it way too easy to get caught up in that stuff. i wish twitter had a thing like tik tok does — once you’re on for a certain period of time they give you a little ad that’s like “hey, maybe take a snack break or get some water!” and it almost always works to get me off the app for a bit.

    1. Looks like you had a great reading week!
      Social media can be so distracting haha, I hope staying away a bit helps!


    1. Hopefully the social media break will help you a lot. I’ve been on less and it feels good t have some distance from it 🙂

        1. So much so! It feels really difficult to break into social media enough. So much of it feels like open criticism and negativity…

    1. Great job catching up!

      Oh man social media can be a nasty…thing. I think it’s a really smart idea to limit yourself, I’ve had to do something similar. I have to agree as well that it makes me feel like crap, well rather I feel crappy and just down after going down the rabbit hole. So good for you for keeping yourself in check. 🙂

      I saw Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix and just assumed it was the old stuff because I did not know they were coming out with new episodes! I used to watch it as a kid as well and it always creeped me out. Thanks for sharing this because now I know just what to do! 😉

      Thanks for all the recs. Have a great week!

      1. Thank you!

        I’m sorry social media has been getting to you, too!

        Yup, 6 new episodes! I believe my spouse saw an article that said they’ll be adding another 6 episodes later this year or something – fingers crossed haha. It’s so good. Enjoy! 😀 Have a good week, friend!

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