The Weekly Wrap — December 18th, 2019

December 18, 2019

The Weekly Wrap is a new post I’ll be doing every week where we’ll talk about current reads, recently finished reads, what I’m listening to, games I’m playing, movies I’m watching, and general life stuff. ♥ If you’re a fan of my past WWW Wednesday & The Sunday Post updates, you’ll love this combination of the two!


on the blog:

last week: this week:
REVIEW: a constellation of roses
end of the year book tag
mrs. claus readathon TBR
DISCUSSION: new blogging schedule
REVIEW: get a life, chloe brown
winter TBR
✨ short-a-thon TBR
✨ november wrap
✨ mini reviews


current reads:

  1. Ghoster
  2. Capturing the Devil
  3. Gideon the Ninth

recently finished:

  1. The Winter Quarters ?????
  2. Secret Santa ⭐⭐⭐⭐

up next:

My goal for the upcoming week is to finish my Mrs. Claus Readathon TBR, to focus on my Short-a-thon TBR as much as possible once the 21st rolls around, and hopefully to even make a dent in those thicc bois in my current reads. ?


new review arrivals:

A few too many hauls this week, but they’re all releases I’m genuinely SO excited for, and most of them don’t come out for a good 6 months, so I’ve got time.


what I watched:

? I didn’t watch anything but cooking shows this week, and I’m a little sad about it. ?‍♀️

what I’m listening to:

? It’s just been one of those Spotify shuffle weeks. ?‍♀️

what I’m playing:

? Delicious — Emily’s Holiday Season (I play this every year at Christmastime and it never gets old.)


life updates:

This has been a pretty good week! The new blogging schedule is going great so far and has me excited to blog again, which is something I haven’t felt as much over the last few months as I usually do. I’ve been in more of a reading mood the last few days, too, so I’m hoping that’s a sign that I’ll get a lot done over my holiday vacation! Speaking of which… after work today, I’m off for the rest of the year (with the exception of one shift on the 30th)! I don’t know how I got so lucky that my days off were able to line up like this with our closed days for Christmas and New Year’s breaks, but I’m so stoked. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours lately and my house is a mess, plus I have a ton of reviews that need writing, so I’m hoping to take this time off to play catch-up but also to practice lots of self-care! I have some video games I want to finish up by the end of December, plus the spouse and I have big plans for Hobbit/LotR movie marathons. ???


a few last words:




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    1. You’re so lucky, I have to work the test of this week, then Monday and then next Friday….I’m really not happy about it!

      Hope you get loads of reading in!

    1. cemetery boys is one of my most anticipated releases of next year and we so damn blessed by the covers gods!! ?

      that cat picture made me laugh! my cat loves chewing the bottom branches of our tree and has already knocked one decoration off haha

      i’m so glad to hear the new blogging schedule is working so well for you! have a great break off work. hope you get a lot of rest and lots of snuggly movie marathon time

    1. I just got a copy of Gideon the Ninth today in the mail. It is such a beautiful looking book. I didn’t realize when I got it that it had black sprayed edges. Love it. Definitely going to be driving into that book soon

          1. Thank you for this! I hurried and ordered it right after seeing your comment because I was thinking those sprayed-edge ones were all sold out! It came in today and had the black edges, I’m so happy 🙂

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