The Weekly Wrap — August 30th, 2020

August 30, 2020

the weekly wrap

It’s time for another weekly update!

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current reads

Well… here we are again, with far too many current reads.

? random pick | ✨ review copy | ? buddy read | ? re-read

✨? the ghost tree
✨? empire of wild
? the lost hero
✨ when no one is watching
✨? vampires never get old
✨? my dark vanessa
? worst laid plans: an anthology of vacation horror
✨? the southern book club’s guide to slaying vampires
✨ body talk
? this savage song
? alice
? beautiful creatures
? i’m thinking of ending things
✨ the invisible life of addie larue
✨ clown in a cornfield
✨ the raven
✨ mexican gothic


just finished

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I actually read things this week! They were all graphic novels… but whatever.

✨? my riot ⭐⭐⭐?
✨? omni, vol. 1 ?????
✨? the way of the househusband, vol. 1 ?????
✨? fangirl, vol. 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
✨? barely functional adult ⭐⭐⭐?
✨? the weirn books, vol. 1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐


up next

I can’t even think about my September TBR or anything right now. I’ve got to get this currently-reading list whittled down this week. ? I’m tired of feeling slumpy and overwhelmed.


new review copies

? graphic novel/manga | ? eARC | ? ALC | ? print copy

… whoops

? last case at a baggage auction
? cradleland of parasites
? the way of the househusband, vol. 1
? ever after
? witches of brooklyn
? omni, vol. 1
? my riot
? fangirl, vol. 1
? odessa
? the weirn books, vol. 1


other obsessions


life updates

This was a pretty chill week. I’m finding my balance on social media again after spending too much time on twitter the first few days I was back, and I’m finally getting back into the swing of reading a little bit more. Right now I’m trying to knock out all of those new graphic novel eARCs I listed above, and then I think I’m going to try as hard as I can to finish most of my current reads before starting ANYTHING new. I’m just trying to keep myself off of video games long enough to do it!

3 good things I can focus on today:

  1. September is the beginning of my favorite time of year!
  2. I made a knock-off pumpkin spice latte and it tastes almost just like the real thing, which is amazing for me since I can’t go out and buy one!
  3. I gave myself a DIY acrylic manicure last night and it turned out pretty well for only my second attempt. ?

Feel free to focus on the good stuff with me in the comments! What are 3 good things (or even 1 thing) you can focus on today?



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    1. I never understand how you can manage so many current reads haha!
      I hope you have a great week!


    1. Autumn is my fave season, I wish it would be Autumn all the time!!

      3 good things to focus on….hmmm…I have this week off work, my son starts school on Wednesday which he totally needs (but I am more than a little worried!) and I plan to actually do some baking this week! Since we have both gone gluten free I want to try some gf baking!

    1. I read the first volume of The Way of The Househusband this weekend, and I’m thinking of continuing on! I just recently discovered the kind of manga that I enjoy, so I’ve been testing out different series and seeing how I like them!

      My 3 good things for this week are that: 1. I get to see my co-blogger in person in a few days 2. I have a new stash of chocolate to snack on this week 3. I had one of my best birthdays this year where I got to spend it with a few friends and family.

    1. Three good things for this week: Al and I will celebrate our 10-year dating anniversary on Friday (!!), I started reading a really good book last night, and work (still at home for the most part) is going well.

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