‘Three Days in the Pink Tower’: bringing new meaning to a survivor’s revenge

June 27, 2022

TITLE: Three Days in the Pink Tower
AUTHOR: E.V. Knight
GENRE: Horror
PAGES: 154pg
PUBLISHER: Creature Publishing

Josey Claypool begins the summer before her senior year at a carnival, where a fortune teller with milky-white eyes gives her a foreboding tarot reading. She’s spooked, but nothing could prepare her for the following day when two strange men show up at her front door.

Josey is kidnapped at gunpoint and brought to a pink cabin in the woods where she is held prisoner. In her darkest moment, the fortune teller appears and gives her a deck of tarot cards, which she must cast and interpret in a fight for her life.

In this work of speculative autofiction, award-winning author EV Knight reclaims the narrative of her own past in an exploration of trauma, agency, and survival.

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These men have torn through my silk cocoon; they’ve invaded and interrupted my process of becoming. I will never be beautiful. My wings are useless, smudged from having been touched too much.

Three Days in the Pink Tower gives new meaning to the idea of a survivor’s revenge. The story is a speculative retelling of the author’s own experiences with being kidnapped and assaulted as a teen, and is perhaps the most literal and one of the most incredible examples I have ever seen of a survivor taking back their power. My heart broke over and over again reading Josey’s story, knowing that it was also E.V. Knight’s story and the story of so many others around the world, throughout history and present and future. I wanted to applaud her every step of the way for the courage and strength I know it must have taken to write this book, and I’m so grateful to have been given an opportunity to witness it.

Three Days in the Pink Tower is an immensely difficult read that I only recommend to individuals who feel completely certain that they won’t be too deeply hurt by its contents (or who are prepared for that level of pain), but if you do feel comfortable with this story, I highly encourage you to pick it up. Not only is it incredible for all the reasons I’ve already stated, but it’s also an immensely engaging and beautifully written piece of literature with a meaningful and lovely inclusion of tarot and divination that I enjoyed more than I can say.

Thank you so much to E.V. Knight for allowing your readers to witness this step in your healing process. And to anyone else who’s been in Josey’s place and knows what it’s like to experience trauma at another human’s hands, I hope you know that you are strong, you are brave, I am so proud of you, and no matter how smudged your wings may feel, you are still whole and lovely.

Thank you to the publisher and Erin Al-Mehairi for the review copy! All thoughts are honest and my own.

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kidnapping, imprisonment, explicit rape, murder, pedophilia, homophobic slurs

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