Valentine’s Day Special: romance authors I need to check out ASAP!

February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate this mushy holiday, I decided to highlight a handful of romance authors on my TBR. These are all authors I haven’t read anything by yet, but want to as soon as possible! To keep this list from getting too long, I’m only including book 1 in each respective series.

Beverly Jenkins

writes: historical romance with own-voices Black rep

This list would be utterly incomplete if I didn’t include the one author I’m most sad to say I haven’t read from yet: Beverly Jenkins. I feel like she’s such an important figure in the romance world and I need to fix this ASAP. I know she primarily (or maybe exclusively?) writes historical romance, which is a subgenre I don’t reach for too often, but I’d like to read more of!

Books on my TBR:
? Rebel (owned)
? Destiny’s Embrace
? Forbidden

Tessa Dare

writes: historical romance

This is another historical romance author that I hear SO MUCH hype for!

Books on my TBR:
? The Duchess Deal (owned)
? Romancing the Duke
? His Bride for the Taking (owned)

Kennedy Ryan

writes: contemporary romance, own-voices Black rep, all on kindle unlimited

I heard so much hype about this author from my fave, Talia Hibbert, but it took me FOREVER to realize this author of the Hoops series was the same woman who writes the famous Kingmaker book I keep hearing about on booktube!

Books on my TBR:
? Long Shot
? The Kingmaker
? Grip

Alyssa Cole

writes: contemporary & historical romance with own-voices Black rep

Easily one of the most highly hyped romance authors in my friend groups!

Books on my TBR:
? A Princess in Theory (owned)
? An Extraordinary Reunion
? That Could Be Enough (owned)

Courtney Milan

writes: primarily historical romance, some contemporary

I just think Courtney Milan’s a badass.

Books on my TBR:
? The Duchess War (owned)
? Once Upon a Marquess (owned)
Trade Me (owned)

Kit Rocha / Moira Rogers

writes: contemporary & SFF romance under Kit Rocha, paranormal under Moira Rogers

I put these two author names together because both names are actually pseudonyms for the same writing pair.

Books on my TBR:
? Beyond Shame (owned)
? Crux (owned)
? Deal with the Devil (releasing soon)

Olivia Waite

writes: historical and paranormal romance, sometimes f/f

Books on my TBR:
? The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics (owned)
? At His Countess’ Pleasure (owned)
? A Thief in the Nude (owned)

Naima Simone

writes: contemporary romance, own-voices Black rep, some on kindle unlimited

Books on my TBR:
? Grading Curves
? Sin and Ink
? Only for a Night

Melissa Blue

writes: contemporary romance, with own-voices Black rep

Books on my TBR:
? Under His Kilt (owned)
? To One Hundred
? Double Dare

Adriana Herrera

writes: contemporary romance, own-voices Caribbean rep, f/f rep

Books on my TBR:
? Mangos and Mistletoe (owned)
? American Dreamer

Emma Scott

writes: contemporary romance, diverse rep

I’m told this author is known for tear-jerkers, and man… I love a romance that makes me cry and still has a HEA.

Books on my TBR:
? Forever Right Now
? A Five-Minute Life
? Someday, Someday

Laura Thalassa

writes: paranormal/fantasy romance

Books on my TBR:
? Rhapsodic (owned)
? Pestilence (owned)

Jex Lane

writes: paranormal romance, dark romance

I need more vampires in my life. ?‍♀️

Books on my TBR:
? Captive
? Dark of Night

Eva Chase

writes: fantasy romance, reverse harem

Books on my TBR:
? Consort of Secrets
? Cruel Magic
? Claimed by Gods

Claire Kingsley

writes: contemporary romance, rom-coms

Soooo many friends love her – I want to say Sam and Sionna, to name a couple?

Books on my TBR:
? Book Boyfriend
? Faking Ms. Right

Tia Louise

writes: contemporary romance, romantic suspense, military romance

Books on my TBR:
? Wait for Me
? Stay

Samantha Whiskey

writes: contemporary sports romance

Books on my TBR:
? Axel
? Grinder

B.B. Easton

writes: contemporary romance, sci-fi/apocalyptic romance

I put this author on my radar because of hearing Riley (I think?) from booktube rave about Praying for Rain, which sounds sooo good, and then I read that the series Skin kicks off is being made into a Netflix show!

Books on my TBR:
? Praying for Rain
? Skin

Nicole Snow

writes: contemporary romance, alpha males

I don’t reach for books marketed with alpha males often, but some of these sound good and a lot of my friends love this author.

Books on my TBR:
? Accidental Hero
? No Perfect Hero

Erica Lee

writes: contemporary romance, own-voices f/f rep, all on kindle unlimited

I was so excited to find this author on KU a few days ago! She seems to write exclusively own-voices f/f contemporary romances!

Books on my TBR:
? Anyone But Her
? Sunsets and Shades
? Twice Upon a Time



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