Biweekly Check-in: an eventful weekend ahead!

June 20, 2024

It’s time for a biweekly check-in!

life update

Hi, friends! I’m really excited while writing this post because I’m looking forward to a very exciting weekend. Saturday is Isaac’s birthday and he’s having his first ever birthday party! (Not counting little celebrations at home with family, of course.) We rented a local place to throw the party and invited all his friends from the library and karate class. Then on Sunday, I get to finally meet my best friend IRL! 🥹 Malli (who you all have heard me mention a million times if you don’t know her yourself) is coming near me and we’re going to meet up and I’m probably going to be an emotional wreck the whole time! 😭 I’m so excited! 💖

just finishedI’ve actually been reading a lot the past few days! I really, REALLY hope it means my reading slump will end soon. This is the longest slump I’ve had in a while and it’s really sucked! On a happier note, Misty and I buddy read Leather & Lark and it was so good! I did prefer Butcher & Blackbird a little, but I was definitely still very pleased with this new book of Brynne’s and I can’t wait for the third book! (I think we’re getting a cover reveal today!)

📚 current reads 📚

I still haven’t finished almost any of my current reads I’ve been working on for this past while, as you can see. I’m re-reading Phoenix Unbound with Misty and really loving it this second time around! It was my first Grace Draven book that I ever read back in 2018 and I would say it was the book that kind of kickstarted my interest in the romance genre, so it’s been really fun to revisit it. I also started Beloved yesterday with Sadie/Mother Horror’s Patreon book club in honor of Juneteenth. I’ve been meaning to read this forever, and it’s been really beautiful and sad so far. I can already see why it has resonated so strongly with people for so many years and still gets recommended so frequently.

and everything else

I finally watched I Spit On Your Grave (1978) for the first time and I fully understand why so many people advised me NOT to watch it. I guess my curiosity was finally sated, but I’m not sure it was worth the experience. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t say it has no redeeming qualities, because the lead actress was pretty enjoyable, but it has FOUR separate, very graphic assault scenes and there was nothing the movie could do that would redeem itself for me after that.

Complaints about the movie aside, I’ve seen several people discussing the belief that this is a rare case where the remake is better than the original, and supposedly it has MUCH less graphic content, so I’ll probably watch it soon and post my thoughts on comparing the two.

What are you reading right now, or what did you recently finish? Is anything exciting happening in your life? Let me know in the comments!



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    1. I am so excited for you and Malli to meet up in person. That’s so freaking awesome that you get to meet an online friend in person. I hope y’all have so much fun.

      How did I not know that we are getting a cover reveal for the 3rd book in the Ruinous Love trilogy? I mean seriously how did I miss that.

      I’m finally making some progress on my currently reading books. I’m down to 4 instead of 6 but I will be finishing one today.

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