Weekly Check-in: late post, new host, and other changes!

August 29, 2022

weekly check-in

It’s time for a weekly check-in!

life update

I missed a week again, but my site was down for the past few days! I switched hosting with SiteGround over to Bluehost, and I’m glad (so much cheaper & MUCH better tech support so far), but migrating hosts comes with a bit of down time. The whole time it was down, all I wanted to do was write posts! 😭

In the meantime, I stayed busy over the weekend with rearranging and painting. We’ve been wanting to paint most of our house for years and never done it, so we finally got to work on it a few weeks ago! It’s been a fun bonding experience and it’s made me enjoy our home so much more. ♥ The weekend project was the kitchen: we painted it a pale blue, with a black accent wall behind the stove, and it looks really cool! It reminds me of a fun little bistro, lol.

At some point this week, I’m planning on painting my “library” room green and doing some rearranging — I’ll share a photo when it’s done!

just finished

All the spooky and atmospheric reads lately, and most of these were buddy reads! I’ve been doing so many buddy/group reads lately and really enjoying them. I read Rules for Vanishing with Ashley, Kingdom of the Wicked with Jordyn, and The Haunting of Leigh Harker with the TBR & Beyond facebook group!

I mentioned in my last post that I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by my current reads again, but over the past week, I realized the overwhelm doesn’t come from the number of current reads I have so much as it comes from writing this list every week and feeling like I don’t have enough updates to offer. 😅 I think I came up with a compromise I’m really going to like, though: instead of listing ALL of my current reads every week, I’ll list the three books I would most like to finish over the coming week! (I’ll also add a “total current reads” counter at the bottom of the list, though, just for anyone who’s curious.)

📚 priority reads 📚

📚 total current reads: 12 📚

and everything else

We started watching Schitt’s Creek this week after we’d been talking about watching it for ages, and oh my gosh, HOW did I not watch this show sooner?! It’s quickly become a favorite in our home and we laugh SO freaking hard at every episode. We’re 7-8 episodes into the first season and I can’t pick a favorite character because I just love them ALL, but if I had to pick, it would probably be David just because Dan Levy’s facial expressions are the most priceless.

Schitt's Creek - Netflix Series - Where To Watch

What are you reading right now, or what did you recently finish? Is anything exciting happening in your life? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. I’ve been with Bluehost for a long time and haven’t had any issues. I’m excited to see a photo of your library😁

    1. Ooo House of Fire and Blood starts getting real good right around where you are! I can’t wait to see what you think of that. I also can’t wait to see your reading space once you get it done!!

      1. Oh my gosh, I’m at the 60-ish % mark and things are getting SO SRS and I’m not sure how much more my heart can take?! 😭😂 I’m obsessed! I have spent an UNHEALTHY amount of time thinking about Bryce and Hunt over the past several days and gushing to my spouse about my new favorite book girlfriend (Bryce lol).

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