Weekly Check-in: is it possible to be reading TOO MANY great books at once?

September 14, 2022

weekly check-in

It’s time for a weekly check-in!

life update

I’m not even sure where the last week went? I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s mid-September and I have no idea what happened. 😰 We did some more home re-decorating, including painting the living room and re-arranging some furniture, and I went on way too many trips to run errands (I could contentedly stay home for at least the next 3 weeks straight, thank you), and I watched a bunch of movies with my family… otherwise, I don’t think much happened!

just finished

September has been full of such high ratings for me so far! I’ve had nothing but 4 and 5-star reads for the past 2 weeks and I keep worrying that the trend has to stop eventually, right? 😂 Anyways, How to Be a Good Creature was a buddy read with MalliBlack Tide was a BR with Ashley, and Only Human was a BR with Misty! 😍

All 3 of this week’s priority reads are buddy reads I’ve been slacking on and need to finish up, or catch up with my BR partners on!

📚 priority reads 📚

📚 total current reads: 14 📚

and everything else

We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately! I’ve been introducing Isaac to a few that he’s old enough now or that I think he’ll like (he enjoyed The Mummy, I win), and I’ve been re-watching some old favorites… but I also finally watched Labyrinth for the first time, and it sadly did NOT go well lol. I’m not a fan of puppets at all and the constant cackling and screaming gave me a terrible headache. 😭 It’s never fun to dislike a popular piece of media when I know a few of my friends were really hoping I’d love it, but it is what it is. 💔

What are you reading right now, or what did you recently finish? Is anything exciting happening in your life? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. Four stars for The Girl on the Other Side you say? I love this for you and so glad you enjoyed it! Having a good reading streak is always lovely to have!

    1. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed Only Human! That has to be one of the most satisfying book endings I think I’ve ever read!

      1. It was AMAZING! Honestly one of my favorite series finales ever, and now I want to go back and read the little short stories that I saw listed on GR (I think on the author’s website?). Have you read those?

        1. I do believe I read those, yes! They were short but nice little easter egg nuggets to the world and I remember enjoying them!

    1. Black Tide, Only Human, and The Final Girl Support Group were all fantastic reads for me. Glad you enjoyed the first two and hope the third is a good one for you!

    1. Wow, look at all those stars! What a fantastic week of reading 😍 The Garlic books look adorable! I’ll definitely have to check it out. I hope you have a great week of reading ahead, Destiny!

      1. Thank you, Dini! I hope you’re having an amazing reading week and I hope you get the chance to pick up the Garlic books soon – they’re so cute and I really think you’d like them! 🥰🥰

    1. Definitely think you can!! You’ve got a great selection of books there and not surprised!! I hope you have a wonderful week.

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