YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing

May 7, 2017

YA Chronicles ACOWAR edition spoilers ahead! Note: this post will have no ACOWAR spoilers – just the unboxing. 

Being the shameless ACOTAR trash that I am, naturally, I had to pre-order the YA Chronicles ACOWAR edition box. I hemmed and hawed a little on the price, because after the international shipping, and conversion rates, I paid close to $60 USD for it, but my lovely partner insisted that I splurge on myself a little, so I placed my order for the paperback edition back in February. As anyone who follows me knows, I’ve been counting down the days to the ACOWAR release, and by proxy, the shipment of this box. I digress, but let’s get into what I received! I’m also going to provide links to each seller’s Etsy/Redbubble/Society6  page, in case you’d like to see more of their products. Note: some of these items were custom creations for this box, and you won’t find them on the shops.


☆ ACOWAR UK paperback edition
☆ Custom High Lady of the Night Court candle from Kool and Co
☆ Custom ACOTAR ribbon bookmark from Charmed Fiction
☆ Feysand print from Charlie Bowater
☆ Custom Feysand bookmark from Read and Wonder
☆ Baby Rhys sticker from Taratjah
☆ Night Court tote from paperly&co
☆ Custom pin from Evie Seo (eviebookish)



I’ll just be honest – I don’t feel like this box was worth the hype, or what I paid for it. Several of the items were things I could get myself for a few bucks, and I guess I just expected at least one or two premium items, but I don’t feel like any of these items fit that description. The candle has great potential, because it smells AMAZING, but it’s so tiny! If it had been 4oz, even, I would’ve been ecstatic.

The book itself took up very little of the value of this box, seeing as the box creators more than likely got a bulk discount – and even without a discount, friends in the UK have told me this paperback is selling for £8 or so in many shops. The paperback also came with an infuriating sticker on the front cover that took me a lot of effort, with a blow dryer and nail polish remover, to get off – and even after my best attempts, there’s a ring of slight residue left.

All in all, I like all of the items individually, so this is no slight whatsoever against the creators of the products; in fact, many of these shops are ones that I myself have purchased from in the past and love supporting! My problem is with YA Chronicles’ hyping and pricing on the box. I just feel like this box could have been so much more than it was, sadly. I don’t think I’ll purchase another box from them in the future, and truthfully, I wish I’d saved my money and bought something a little more special.

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    1. I think what you got in the box was nice but I totally hear what your saying on value vs price paid. When you are spending money on a box you want to be able to get some exclusive items. Things you wouldn’t be able to pick up from other vendors, possibly locally, for cheaper. I am also sorry to hear about the sticker on your book. I would have been a bit more irked by it cause its coming in a box. It should have anything on it expect for a bag or something covering it. People want their stuff to come in pristine condition. I know I do. Good haul otherwise.

      1. Yes, exactly! I liked the items but the value wasn’t there. And like you’re saying, the sticker was a big detractor from my experience – it was totally unnecessary and I would expect more from a bookish box, considering how many people hate stickers on their books. The worst part was just how hard to remove it was! I haven’t dealt with a sticker that difficult in a long time. Thanks for the comment! <3

    1. It does look quite disappointing. That’s such a shame if you paid a bit for it. And my book came with a sticker too. I can’t get the freaking residue off, it’s so annoying! 😀

      1. I had to use non-acetone nail polish remover on a paper towel to get it off of mine! Good luck 🙁

          1. Yeah, I was terrified so I don’t blame you! I even just a little test swipe on the bottom of the back cover first to make sure it wouldn’t just wreck the print. D: I hope you can find something that works for you! <3

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