You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood — Eric LaRocca

March 14, 2022

TITLE: You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood
AUTHOR: Eric LaRocca
GENRE: Horror
PAGES: 236pg

A disturbing new vision of terror from the author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke.

“Each precious thing I show you in this book is a holy relic from the night we both perished-the night when I combed you from my hair and watered the moon with your blood.

You’ve lost a lot of blood . . .”

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I didn’t kill him because I wanted to. That would have been too easy.

When Eric posted a surprise announcement for this novella’s release earlier this week, I was absolutely beside myself. There are some authors in this world whose work I enjoy so deeply and am held so captive by, that each and every new piece of fiction feels like something I need to get my hands on right away. I ordered a copy within mere seconds of seeing the announcement, but was lucky enough to be allowed to read the ebook while I waited for the shipment, and I’m so grateful for that, because I think I would have been counting down the hours and days until it arrived!

Now that I’ve experienced this bizarre little treat, I don’t even know how to possibly describe You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood without spoiling it. There’s a very good reason the synopsis for this story is so brief and vague: you need to go into it without knowing what to expect. In fact, even if I did tell you what to expect, spoilers and guts and all, I’m still not sure anyone could be fully prepared for the sheer unraveling chaos within these pages.

All I know is that, yet again, I’ve been reminded of why Eric’s books hold such a special place in my heart. Dark and entrancing, their works always leave me reeling to process what I’ve just read in the best possible “what the hell just happened” way, and as always, I’ll be counting down to their next release.

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WARNINGS (vague spoilers):

violence, torture, body horror, murder, corpse desecration, mention of pedophilia, cancer, child death, parent death, grief, abandonment

representation →

multiple queer characters


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    1. I’m so intrigued about this! I really liked things have gotten worse since we last spoke and I’m looking forward to reading more from Eric LaRocca. Definitely adding this to my tbr.

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