My Owned TBR: AKA “Beast That Haunts Me From the Shelves”

Okay, guys, this post is gonna be a doozy, but my friend Kathy over at Books & Munches has inspired me: I’m going to make an “owned TBR” post, and show you guys just how out of hand my owned TBR has gotten! Maybe, just maybe, if all of you can see it, you can help me stay accountable for my book ban and the need to knock out some backlist titles? *nervous laugh*

Anyways, this is going to include physical books, ebooks, and ARCs, even though my primary focus is on reading as many of my physical books and ARCs as possible. I’m going to notate the ARCs with an asterisk (*) to avoid confusion about 2018 releases being on the “pre-2018” list. Throughout the year, whenever I haul new books, I’ll add them to this list, as well as marking off books as I complete them! Hopefully, by the end of 2018, a substantial amount of this list will be crossed out. πŸ˜€

(By the way… go Book Bards!)



* Acevedo, Elizabeth – The Poet X (read 02.04.18)
Adams, Douglas – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Adams, John Joseph – Wastelands
Adams, John Joseph – The Living Dead
Adams, John Joseph – By Blood We Live
* Adeyemi, Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – We Should All Be Feminists
Aguirre, Ann – Enclave
* Aguirre, Ann; Caine, Rachel – Honor Among Thieves
Ahdieh, Renee – The Wrath and the Dawn
Ahern, Cecelia – Flawed
Ahlborn, Ania – I Call Upon Thee
Alameda, Courtney – Shutter
Angelou, Maya – A Song Flung Up to Heaven (read 02.09.18)
Anstey, Cindy – Duels & Deception
Arden, Katherine – The Bear and the Nightingale
Armentrout, Jennifer L. – The Problem With Forever
Atwood, M. C. – The Devils You Know

* Balog, Cyn – Alone
Bancroft, Josiah – Senlin Ascends
Bardugo, Leigh – Wonder Woman: Warbringer (read 01.18.18)
Bardugo, Leigh – Six of Crows (read 04.03.18)
Bardugo, Leigh – Crooked Kingdom
Bardugo, Leigh – The Language of Thorns
Bardugo, Leigh – Siege & Storm (read 03.10.18)
Bardugo, Leigh – Ruin & Rising (read 03.21.18)
Benway, Robin – Emmy & Oliver
* Berquist, Emma – Devils Unto Dust (read 04.06.18)
Black, Holly – The Darkest Part of the Forest
Black, Holly – The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
* Blake, Ashley Herring – Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World (read 03.02.18)
Blake, Elly – Frostblood
Blake, Kendare – Anna Dressed in Blood
Bracken, Alexandra – The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
Bracken, Alexandra – Passenger
Braswell, Liz – As Old As Time
Bray, Libba – The Diviners
Brown, Pierce – Red Rising
Buntin, Julie – Marlena
Buxbaum, Julie – What to Say Next

* Cajoleas, Jimmy – Goldeline
Caletti, Deb – He’s Gone
Cantero, Edgar – The Supernatural Enhancements
Carmack, Cora – Roar
Carson, Rae – Walk on Earth a Stranger
Cass, Kiera – The Selection
Cavallaro, Brittany – A Study in Charlotte
Chainani, Soman – The School for Good and Evil
Charbonneau, Joelle – Dividing Eden
Chee, Traci – The Reader
Chupeco, Rin – The Bone Witch
Ciccarelli, Kristen – The Last Namsara
Clare, Cassandra – City of Bones (read 01.28.18)
Clare, Cassandra – Lady Midnight
Clegg, Douglas – You Come When I Call You
Coates, Darcy – Craven Manor
Coates, Darcy – The House Next Door
Coates, Darcy – The Haunting of Ashburn House
* Cole, Olivia A. – A Conspiracy of Stars
Cordova, Zoraida – Labyrinth Lost
Cozzo, Karole – How to Keep Rolling After a Fall
Crewe, Megan – Give Up the Ghost
Crewe, Megan – Beast
Cross, Amy – Twisted Little Things and Other Stories
Crouch, Blake – Dark Matter
Cubed, Magen – I Felt Their Teeth in My Bones
Cutter, Nick – The Deep
Cutter, Nick – The Troop

Danforth, Emily M. – The Miseducation of Cameron Post
de Castell, Sebastien – Traitor’s Blade
de Castell, Sebastien – Knight’s Shadow
Demetrios, Heather – Bad Romance
Dennard, Susan – Truthwitch
Dessen, Sarah – Saint Anything
Dessen, Sarah – The Moon and More
Dessen, Sarah – Once and For All
DeStefano, Lauren – The Glass Spare
Dietrich, Cale – The Love Interest
DiTerlizzi, Tony – The Search for WondLa
Donnelly, Jennifer – These Shallow Graves
Dziemianowicz, Stefan R. – Penny Dreadfuls

Ee, Susan – Angelfall
Eshbaugh, Julie – Ivory and Bone

Fawcett, Heather – Even the Darkest Stars
Fink, Joseph – Mostly Void, Partially Stars
Fisher, Tarryn – Atheists Who Kneel and Pray
Fowley-Doyle, Moira – The Accident Season

Gaiman, Neil – The Graveyard Book
Gaiman, Neil – American Gods
Gaiman, Neil – Trigger Warning
Girard, M-E – Girl Mans Up
Glassman, Shira – Eitan’s Chord
Golden, Christopher – Snowblind
Gomez, Gretchen – Love, & You
Grahame-Smith, Seth – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Grant, Mira – Into the Drowning Deep
Griffin, Bethany – The Fall

Hamid, Mohsin – Exit West
Hamilton, Rebecca – Not Just Voodoo
Hand, Cynthia – My Lady Jane
Harkness, Deborah – A Discovery of Witches
Hartman, Rachel – Seraphina
Hartzler, Aaron – What We Saw
Hendrix, Grady – My Best Friend’s Exorcism
Hendrix, Grady – Horrorstor
Henry, Christina – Alice
Henry, Emily – The Love That Split the World
Heuvelt, Thomas Olde – Hex
Hill, Joe – The Fireman
Hill, Joe – NOS4A2
Hitchcock, Bonnie-Sue – The Smell of Other People’s Houses
* Hocking, Amanda – Between the Blade and the Heart (DNFed 02.08.18)
Hodge, Rosamund – Cruel Beauty
Hodkin, Michelle – The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle – The Evolution of Mara Dyer
Hodkin, Michelle – The Retribution of Mara Dyer
* Holland, Sara – Everless (DNFed 01.04.18)
Holzmann, Ashley Franz – Vices & Virtues (read 01.06.18)
Hoover, Colleen – It Ends With Us

Islington, James – The Shadow of What Was Lost
Islington, James – The Echo of Things to Come

James, M. R. – Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories
Jemisin, N. K. – The Fifth Season
Johansen, Erika – The Queen of the Tearling
Johnson, Lindsey Lee – The Most Dangerous Place on Earth
Jones, Diana Wynne – Howl’s Moving Castle
Jones, Stephen – Best New Horror: 25th Anniversary Edition
Jordan, Sophie – Reign of Shadows

Kagawa, Julie – The Iron King
* Katz, Nikki – The Midnight Dance
* Kaufman, Amie – Elementals: Ice Wolves
Kemmerer, Brigid – Letters to the Lost (read 01.08.18)
* Kemmerer, Brigid – More Than We Can Tell
Kergil, Skylar – Before I Had the Words
Kerman, Piper – Orange is the New Black
Kincaid, S. J. – The Diabolic
King, Emily R. – The Hundredth Queen
King, Stephen – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
King, Stephen – Pet Sematery
King, Stephen – Sleeping Beauties
King, Stephen – Bazaar of Bad Dreams
Kirby, Marianne – Dust Bath Revival
Koontz, Dean – Intensity
Kova, Elise – The Alchemists of Loom
Kova, Elise – The Dragons of Nova
Kova, Elise – Air Awakens
Kristoff, Jay – Nevernight (read 03.12.18)
Kurtagich, Dawn – And the Trees Crept In

LaCour, Nina – Everything Leads to You
Lake, Nick – Whisper to ME
* Lancaster, Jen – The Gatekeepers
Lang, Ruth Emmie – Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
Larson, Sara B. – Dark Breaks the Dawn
Lauren, Christina – Autoboyography
* Laybourne, Emmy – Berserker
* Leake, Jessica – Beyond a Darkened Shore
Lee, Mackenzi – This Monstrous Thing
* LeGrand, Claire – Furyborn (DNFed 03.05.18)
Lieberman, Herbert – Crawlspace
Livingston, Lesley – The Valiant
Lord, Emery – When We Collided
Lu, Marie – Legend
Lu, Marie – Legend: The Graphic Novel
Lukavics, Amy – Daughters Unto Devils
Lynch, Scott – The Lies of Locke Lamora

Maas, Sarah J. – Throne of Glass (read 04.12.18)
Maas, Sarah J. – Crown of Midnight
Maas, Sarah J. – Heir of Fire
Maas, Sarah J. – Queen of Shadows
Maas, Sarah J. – Empire of Storms
Maas, Sarah J. – Tower of Dawn
Maberry, Jonathan – Rot & Ruin
Machen, Arthur – The Great God Pan
Mafi, Tahereh – Shatter Me
Mafi, Tahereh – Unravel Me
Mafi, Tahereh – Ignite Me
Mafi, Tahereh – Unite Me
Mafi, Tahereh – Furthermore
Malerman, Josh – Bird Box
Marr, Melissa – Graveminder
* Marsh, Sarah Glenn – Reign of the Fallen (read 01.19.18)
Martin, George R. R. – A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Masterton, Graham – Charnel House
Mather, Adriana – How to Hang a Witch
Matson, Morgan – Second Chance Summer
Matson, Morgan – The Unexpected Everything
McCray, Carolyn – Don’t Read After Dark
McCreight, Kimberly – The Outliers
McGuire, Seanan – Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day
McLemore, Anna-Marie – When the Moon Was Ours
Meadows, Jodi – Before She Ignites
Menon, Sandhya – When Dimple Met Rishi
* Meriano, Anna – A Dash of Trouble
Meyer, Marissa – Heartless
Meyer, Marissa – Renegades
Meyer, Marissa – Stars Above
Meyer, Marissa – Fairest
Meyer, Marissa – Winter
Meyer, Marissa – Wires & Nerve, Vol 1
Michaels, Alicia – Bellamy and the Brute
Miller, Carissa – Magnetic (read 02.03.18)
Miller, Madeline – The Song of Achilles
* Miller, Meredith – Little Wrecks
Monahan, Hillary – Mary: Unleashed
* Monahan, Hillary – The Hollow Girl
* Moore, Jonathan – Night Market
Morgan, Cynthia A. – The Reviled
* Morgan, Phoebe – The Doll House
* Murphy, Emily Bain – The Disappearances

* Neithercott, Tracey – Gray Wolf Island (read 02.13.18)
Nelson, Jandy – I’ll Give You the Sun
Ness, Patrick – The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Nevill, Adam – Some Will Not Sleep
Night, D. E. – The Crowns of Croswald
Nijkamp, Marieke – This is Where it Ends
Nix, Garth – Sabriel (read 01.13.18)
Noah, Trevor – Born a Crime (read 02.05.18)

O’Guilin, Peadar – The Call
* Oelke, Lianne – Nice Try, Jane Sinner (read 01.24.18)
Ouimet, Lindsey – What’s a Soulmate?

Pacat, C. S. – Kings Rising (read 01.03.18)
Palahniuk, Chuck – Make Something Up
Palahniuk, Chuck – Lullaby
Paolini, Christopher – Eldest
Paolini, Christopher – Brisingr
Parisien, Dominik – The Starlit Wood
Pearson, Mary E. – The Kiss of Deception
Perkins, Stephanie – Anna and the French Kiss
Peters, Julie Anne – Keeping You a Secret
Pike, Aprilynne – Glitter
Poehler, Amy – Yes Please
* Polatin, Daria – Devil in Ohio
* Poston, Ashley – Heart of Iron (read 02.19.18)
Prendergast, Gabrielle – Zero Repeat Forever

Quick, Matthew – Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock

Raasch, Sara – Snow Like Ashes
Reagan, Charlotte – Just Juliet
Redwine, C. J. – The Shadow Queen
Redwine, C. J. – The Wish Granter
* Redwine, C. J. – The Traitor Prince
* Reintgen, Scott – Nyxia
Riordan, Rick – The Sea of Monsters (read 01.26.18)
Riordan, Rick – The Titan’s Curse (read 02.13.18)
Riordan, Rick – The Battle of the Labyrinth
Riordan, Rick – The Last Olympian
Riordan, Rick – The Sword of Summer
Riordan, Rick – The Hammer of Thor
Riordan, Rick – The Ship of the Dead
Riordan, Rick – The Hidden Oracle
Ritter, William – Jackaby
Rivera, K. Arsenault – The Tiger’s Daughter
Rodrigues, Catia M. – Dubhan Reborn
* Roehrig, Caleb – White Rabbit (DNFed 04.16.18)
Romero, R. M. – The Dollmaker of Krakow (read 01.22.18)
Ross, Kat – The Daemoniac
Ross, Kat – The Midnight Sea
* Ross, Rebecca – The Queen’s Rising
Rothfuss, Patrick – The Name of the Wind
Rourke, Stacey – Crane
Roux, Madeleine – House of Furies
Roux, Madeleine – Asylum
Roux, Madeleine – Sanctum
Rowell, Rainbow – Almost Midnight
Rowell, Rainbow – Attachments
Ruby, Laura – Bone Gap
Russell, Romina – Zodiac
Russo, Meredith – If I Was Your Girl

Saenz, Benjamin Alire – Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Sakavic, Nora – The Foxhole Court
Sanchez, Erika L. – I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
* Schaumberg, Deborah – The Tombs (DNFed 02.11.18)
Schneider, Robyn – Extraordinary Means
Schwab, V. E. – A Gathering of Shadows (read 04.13.18)
Schwab, V. E. – A Conjuring of Light
Schwab, Victoria – This Savage Song
* Sebastian, Laura – Ash Princess
Sepetys, Ruta – Salt to the Sea
Shannon, Samantha – The Mime Order
Shannon, Samantha – The Song Rising
Shusterman, Neal – Unwind
Shusterman, Neal – Scythe
Silvera, Adam – History is All You Left Me
Sirowy, Alexandra – The Creeping
Skrutskie, Emily – The Abyss Surrounds Us
Smith, Amber – The Way I Used to Be
Snyder, Maria V. – The Poison Study
Spooner, Meagan – Hunted
* Steiger, A. J. – When My Heart Joins the Thousand (read 01.26.18)
Stiefvater, Maggie – The Raven King (read 03.01.18)
Stiefvater, Maggie – The Scorpio Races
Stine, R. L. – Don’t Stay Up Late
Stine, R. L. – The Betrayal
Stine, R. L. – The Secret
Stine, R. L. – The Burning
Stine, R. L. – The Lost Girl
Stine, R. L. – Can You Keep a Secret?
Stine, R. L. – The Sitter
Straub, Peter – Poe’s Children: The New Horror
Straub, Peter – Ghost Story
Stroud, Jonathan – The Screaming Staircase
Summerill, Erin – Ever the Hunted
* Surmelis, Angelo – The Dangerous Art of Blending In (DNFed 01.11.18)
Suzuma, Tabitha – Forbidden

Tate, Jessica L. – Now You Can See
Taylor, Laini – Strange the Dreamer
Tinsley, Kit – Dark County
Tolkien, J. R. R. – The Hobbit (read 04.01.18)
Tolkien, J. R. R. – The Fellowship of the Ring
Tolkien, J. R. R. – The Two Towers
Tolkien, J. R. R. – The Return of the King
Tremblay, Paul – A Head Full of Ghosts
Turner, Megan Whalen – The Thief
Turner, Megan Whalen – The Queen of Attolia

Valente, Catherynne M. – The Refrigerator Monologues
Verano, M. – Diary of a Haunting
* Verstraete, Majanka – Ghost Slayer (read 03.22.18)
Vincent, Rachel – Menagerie

* Wallenfels, Stephen – Bad Call
Warner, Tiana – Ice Massacre
Watt, Erin – Paper Princess
Welch, Jenna Evans – Love & Gelato
West, Kasie – By Your Side
West, Terry M. – What Price Gory?
Wheeler, Jeff – The Queen’s Poisoner
White, Kiersten – Paranormalcy
Wilde, Jen – Queens of Geek
Wilson, Jennifer – New World: Rising
Winters, Cat – Odd & True

Yousafzai, Malala – I Am Malala

Zentner, Jeff – The Serpent King


Adams, John Joseph – What the #@&% is That?
Ahmed, Samira – Love, Hate & Other Filters
* Alameda, Courtney – Pitch Dark (read 01.27.18)
Albertalli, Becky – The Upside of Unrequited
Ameriie – Because You Love to Hate Me
Ancrum, K. – The Legend of the Golden Raven
Anderson, Laurie Halse – Speak: The Graphic Novel (read 02.07.18)
* Anderson, Lily – Undead Girl Gang (read 04.21.18)
Armentrout, Jennifer L. – Meet Cute

Black, Holly – The Cruel Prince (read 01.14.18)
* Bowman, Erin – Contagion
Brennan, Sarah Rees – In Other Lands
* Brockmeyer, Matthew V. – Kind Nepenthe

Cameron, Chelsea M. – Chord (read 02.06.18)
Chao, Gloria – American Panda
* Chetwynd, Catana – Little Moments of Love (read 03.23.18)
Choi, Mary H. K. – Emergency Contact
Chokshi, Roshani – Aru Shah and the End of Time
* Christo, Alexandra – To Kill a Kingdom (read 02.22.18)
Clare, Cassandra – City of Ashes (read 02.28.18)
Clare, Cassandra – City of Glass
Clare, Cassandra – City of Fallen Angels
Clare, Cassandra – City of Lost Souls
Clare, Cassandra – City of Heavenly Fire
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Angel
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Prince
Clare, Cassandra – Clockwork Princess
Clare, Cassandra – The Bane Chronicles
Clare, Cassandra – Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Coates, Darcy – The Haunting of Rookward House
Cole, Myke – The Armored Saint
Cutter, Nick – Little Heaven

Dao, Julie C. – Forest of a Thousand Lanterns
* Datlow, Ellen – The Devil and the Deep
Dellaira, Ava – Love Letters to the Dead
Doerr, Anthony – All the Light We Cannot See
Douglas, Penelope – Birthday Girl (read 04.17.18)
Durst, Sarah Beth – The Queen of Blood

Elison, Meg – The Book of the Unnamed Midwife
Ernshaw, Shea –The Wicked Deep

* Filak, Stacey – The Queen Underneath
* Foody, Amanda – Ace of Shades
(read 04.04.18)

Gailey, Sarah – River of Teeth
Garcia, Kami – Broken Beautiful Hearts
* Giles, Lamar – Fresh Ink
* Goo, Maurene – The Way You Make Me Feel
Grant, Mira – Parasite
Greenwood, Bryn – All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Haddish, Tiffany – The Last Black Unicorn
Hibbert, Talia – A Girl Like Her (read 04.09.18)
Hibbert, Talia – Wanna Bet?
Hill, Joe – Throttle
Hoover, Collen – Ugly Love
* Hutchison, Dot – The Summer Children

* Ireland, Justina – Scream Site

Jackson, Katrina – From Scratch
* Johnson, L. Austen – Burning the Bacon
(read 03.29.18)
Johnson, Maureen – Truly Devious

Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Daughter
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Queen
Kagawa, Julie – The Iron Knight
Kaneshiro, Kazuki – Go
Kann, Claire – Let’s Talk About Love
Kaufman, Amie & Kristoff, Jay – Obsidio (read 03.14.18)
Keene, Brian – The Rising (DNFed 03.02.18)
Kepnes, Caroline – You
Killjoy, Margaret – The Lion Will Slaughter the Lamb (read 03.15.18)
* Killjoy, Margaret – The Barrow Will Send What it May (read 03.27.18)
Kova, Elise – The Rebels of Gold
Kristoff, Jay – Godsgrave
Krueger, Paul – Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge

Lee, Mackenzi – Bygone Badass Broads
Lo, Malinda – A Line in the Dark
* Lovelace, Amanda – The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One
(read 01.08.18)
Lu, Marie – Batman: Nightwalker
* Lukavics, Amy – Nightingale

Marr, Melissa – Seven Black Diamonds
Martin, George R. R. – The Ice Dragon
* Martin, Maggie Ann – To Be Honest
Maxwell, Lisa – The Last Magician
McBride, Sarah – Tomorrow Will Be Different
* McCullough, Joy – Blood Water Paint (read 03.04.18)
McDaniel, Tiffany – The Summer That Melted Everything
* McDonald, Ian – Time Was (read 04.08.18)
* McGhee, Alison – What I Leave Behind (read 03.29.18)
McGinnis, Mindy – The Female of the Species
McGuire, Seanan – Down Among the Sticks and Bones (read 03.26.18)
McGuire, Seanan – Beneath the Sugar Sky (read 03.28.18)
McGuire, Seanan – Rosemary and Rue
Mead, Richelle – Vampire Academy
* Menon, Sandhya – From Twinkle, with Love
Meyer, Marissa – Wires & Nerve, Vol 2
* Miller, Madeline – Circe (read 03.28.18)
* Mitchell, Saundra – All Out (read 02.23.18)

* Ness, Patrick – Release
Nevill, Adam – The House of Small Things
Nevill, Adam – No One Gets Out Alive
* Ngan, Natasha – Girls of Paper and Fire
Nix, Garth – Abhorsen
Novik, Naomi – Uprooted

Oakes, Stephanie – The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
* Oh, Ellen – A Thousand Beginnings and Endings
* Oshiro, Mark – Anger is a Gift

Pacat, C. S. – Green but for a Season (read 01.06.18)
Pacat, C. S. – The Summer Palace (read 01.06.18)
Pacat, C. S. – Pet
Pacat, C. S. – The Adventures of Charls, the Veretian Cloth Merchant
Paolini, Christopher – Inheritance
* Penelope, L. – Song of Blood & Stone
* Penny, Laurie – Everything Belongs to the Future
Perkins, Stephanie – Summer Days and Summer Nights
Poston, Ashley – Geekerella

* Reed, Amy – Our Stories, Our Voices
Reid, Taylor Jenkins – The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Reynolds, Jason – Long Way Down (read 02.02.18)
Riordan, Rick – The Lost Hero
Riordan, Rick – The Son of Neptune
Riordan, Rick – The Mark of Athena
Riordan, Rick – The House of Hades
Riordan, Rick – The Blood of Olympus
Riordan, Rick – The Red Pyramid
Riordan, Rick – Throne of Fire
Riordan, Rick – The Serpent’s Shadow
Robinson, Phoebe – You Can’t Touch My Hair

Sanderson, Brandon – The Way of Kings
Sanderson, Brandon – Words of Radiance
Schwab, Victoria – Our Dark Duet
Schwab, Victoria – The Archived
Schwab, Victoria – The Unbound
* Shipp, Jeremy C. – The Atrocities (read 01.17.18)
* Shvarts, Andrew – City of Bastards
Silvera, Adam – More Happy Than Not
Smith, Danez – Don’t Call Us Dead
Solomon, Rachel Lynn – You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone
* Spotswood, Jessica & Sharpe, Tess – Toil & Trouble
Stiefvater, Maggie – Opal (read 03.01.18)
Stiefvater, Maggie – Shiver
Stiefvater, Maggie – Linger
Stiefvater, Maggie – Forever
Sutherland, Krystal – A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares

Takaya, Natsuki – Fruits Basket Collector’s Edition, Vol 3
Taylor, Laini – Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Walton, Julia – Words on Bathroom Walls
Ward, J. R. – Dark Lover
Ware, Ruth – In a Dark, Dark Wood

Zappia, Francesca – Eliza and Her Monsters (read 02.04.18)
Zoboi, Ibi – American Street

34 thoughts on “My Owned TBR: AKA “Beast That Haunts Me From the Shelves”

  1. Matilda's Library says:

    And I thought my owned TBR had gotten out of control! πŸ˜‚

    In all seriousness though, I’m so envious of how many books you have to read! I can’t wait to keep up with this post and see how many you’ve ticked off by the end of the year!

    I haven’t read that many on your list (in fact a lot of them are on my TBR too) but Heartless by Marissa Meyer and Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson were two of my favourite reads from last year!


  2. Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

    I’ve scrolled over it twice now. The first time I couldn’t stop laughing and staring with huge eyes. Now I’m simply sitting here feeling good about my own list because that one can’t NEARLY be as.. huge as this?! Even my boyfriend just asked me where the hell you keep all these “because we would be having walls of books if you did that” so I’m kind of feeling great about myself now – SORRY. xD

    But! Just try to convince your man to make some kind of deal about it if you read x books of the pre-2018 list. Some extra motivation + having something fun to look forward to = SCORE. [And I’ll be sure to pull you along in my monthly challenges so you keep reading off the list. Like, April? Month of thrillers, suspense and everything creepy!]


    • Destiny @ Howling Libraries says:

      Mwahahahaha… tell him I do basically have an entire wall of book shelves. πŸ˜‚ I should’ve taken an updated full shelfie pic to put on this post! Maybe I’ll edit it in later.

      April is thriller month?! That sounds awesome! I have some thriller ARCs from last October that I still haven’t gotten to. *hides*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

        Ohhh no. Because then he’ll realize that’s what I’m aiming for when it comes to my bookcases and he’ll do ANYTHING to stop it. I’m so not mentioning that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Yess! Like, breakdown:
        Munches in March – Munches bingo
        ApTHRILL – Thriller, suspense and all that jazz [Although I’m going King-themed myself]
        Moody May as an excuse to go complete mood reader.
        Jazzy June is a rereading month
        Scifi July – obvious
        – August is nothing because that’s simply ARC August month for me as well, haha.
        And then it’s back to my first ever monthly challenge with Sequel September, OWNtober, Remember November & Diverse December. πŸ˜€


      • Destiny @ Howling Libraries says:

        Bahaha okay in that case, DO NOT TELL HIM! Just slowly add shelves while he’s at work, or something. πŸ˜›

        This is so exciting! I can’t wait to see your bingo. πŸ˜€ And yes, I do, lmao. BTW, no ~spoilers~ but Jazzy June is gonna go PERFECTLY with a Life & Lit event we’ve been planning… heh heh

        Liked by 1 person

      • Kathy @ Books & Munches says:

        When he’s gone for the weekend with his friends.. Like I did the first time.. “First there were none and then BOOM, there were three. Oops.”

        PLEASE TELL ME IT’S A HP-REREAD because that’s my “secret” personal Jazzy June-goal.. πŸ˜›


  3. dragonsandzombies says:

    Wow, that is very long πŸ˜€ I do love to look at TBR lists though haha and you have some real treats on there!! I loved ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’ and ‘The Bazaar of Bad Dreams’ was a much better short story collection than expected!


  4. Annemieke says:

    Good luck! I thought about doing this a few years ago but that never ended up working for me. Read: too lazy to keep up. I prefer smaller lists and my tbr is just overwhelming haha.


  5. emmareadstoomuch says:

    hoo boy! i might steal this from you but also WOW. this is bonkers and i love it. so many books!!! so many good ones!!! so exciting!


  6. RedRocketPanda says:

    Omg Destiny, you’re so awful :’) We should do some buddy reads of some of our common TBR books to help motivate each other xD

    I want to do this list as well. I have a copy written in my bullet journal, but it could be useful to upload one to my blog so others can see what I’m trying to work through as well. Mine isn’t anywhere near as bad as yours though πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ellyn says:

    WOW this is some list!!
    I recommend:
    We Should All Be Feminists, Howl’s Moving Castle, Heartless and The Lunar Chronicles series!

    I also want to read Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King – it sounds like such a fantastic book but I’ve never read a King novel! ❀️


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