June Haul & Wrap-up

This month looks like a bit of a doozy, but I’m actually proud to announce that I set myself a goal of only purchasing ebooks that were on sale, and BOTM books… and I succeeded! Well, almost. June Wrap-Up The Lightning Thief – Rick Riordan (review) ★★★★☆ Thirteen Chairs – Dave Shelton (review) ★★★★☆ What I Lost – Alexandra Ballard (RTC) ★★★★☆ Royal Bastards – Andrew Shvarts (review) ★★★★★ The Waking Land – Callie Bates (review) ★★☆☆☆ The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater (review) ★★★★★...

June ’17 TBR

I can't believe June is already here! This is a bittersweet month for me... my son's first birthday is on the 22nd, and I'm having a little bit of a mommy crisis. Where did the time go?! Sigh... Anyways, I've got some pretty high aspirations for this month's reading list, particularly because I want to knock out a few ARCs! My entire TBR isn't pictured above, because some of them are eBooks.

YA Chronicles ACOWAR Unboxing

YA Chronicles ACOWAR edition spoilers ahead! Note: this post will have no ACOWAR spoilers – just the unboxing.  Being the shameless ACOTAR trash that I am, naturally, I had to pre-order the YA Chronicles ACOWAR edition box. I hemmed and hawed a little on the price, because after the international shipping, and conversion rates, I paid close to $60 USD for it, but my lovely partner insisted that I splurge on myself a little, so I placed my order for the paperback...