T10T: October-December TBR 5-Star Predictions


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s challenge was to list ten authors I want to meet, but I wasn’t keen on the topic, so I decided to start a new reoccurring T10T theme for myself.

Every three months, I’ll list ten 5-star predictions from my TBR lists for those months

(i.e., in October, I’ll list books from my Oct, Nov, & Dec TBR lists), and then we’ll come back later to compare my predictions to my actual ratings for those books!


1. Empire of Storms — Sarah J. Maas
why I predict a 5-star rating:
This has become one of my favorite series in the world, so… 😍

2. That Night — Amy Giles
why I predict a 5-star rating:
I was obsessed with Giles’ last release, Now is Everything (which I gushed about in a review here), and think she is such a phenomenal and underrated author that I feel like I could give this 5 stars before I even start it!

3. The Bane Chronicles — Cassandra Clare
why I predict a 5-star rating:
Magnus is my baby ♥

4. A Very Large Expanse of Sea — Tehereh Mafi
why I predict a 5-star rating:
I think this is going to be such an important, devastating read, and those tend to be my favorites when it comes to YA contemporary.

5. Song of the Dead — Sarah Glenn Marsh
why I predict a 5-star rating:
I adored Reign of the Fallen and have such high hopes for the sequel!


6. Godsgrave — Jay Kristoff
why I predict a 5-star rating:
I’ve given all of the books I’ve read by Jay (or even co-authored by Jay) 5 stars. 🙊

7. Girls of Paper and Fire — Natasha Ngan
why I predict a 5-star rating:
This has been one of my most anticipated releases of the year for months, and the only reason I didn’t read it ages ago is because the publishers asked ARC reviewers to hold off on reviewing it until close to its release. 😂

8. In an Absent Dream — Seanan McGuire
why I predict a 5-star rating:
It’s Seanan McGuire, how could I not give it 5 stars?!

9. Kingdom of Needle and Bone — Mira Grant
why I predict a 5-star rating:
Given that Mira is Seanan McGuire’s pseudonym, see previous caption. 😂

10. Strange the Dreamer — Laini Taylor
why I predict a 5-star rating:
This is actually my most certain prediction in this list, because I technically already read the first 1/3 of this several months ago. Even when I was in such a bad fantasy slump that I couldn’t give it the attention it deserved, I knew from the first page that it was a 5-star read for me.

Are any of these on your TBR? What star ratings would you predict for them, if so?


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52 thoughts on “T10T: October-December TBR 5-Star Predictions

  1. ooh i love this idea!! hope all of these are 5 stars for ya 🙂 & some of these are on my distant, mental tbr, as in i want to pick up/continue with the series but i haven’t made it to that point yet :p


  2. I thought Strange the Dreamer might be a 5 star read too after the first 100 pages but then it went a bit downwards for me. And I only recently realized that mira grant is seanan mcguire haha.


  3. I love this idea you’ve got of predicting five star reads and then reviewing at a later date, it’s going to be pretty fun to see which ones end up five stars. A few of these are on my TBR as well, especially Girls of Paper and Fire and The Bane Chronicles. I adore Magnus so much ❤


  4. I love this idea so much!!!! Empire of Storms & Strange the Dreamer were both 5-star reads for me! And I’m very excited about A Very Large Expanse of Sea too. I almost bought a copy of Godsgrave this weekend when I went birthday book shopping, but I haven’t even read Nevernight yet, so I put it back down, lol.


    1. Aw, I hope it does, too! I adored book 3 for its fat rep and disability rep, but I can 100% see the Alice comparison, and if I didn’t like Alice retellings (even if loosely done), I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did, either. I think book #2 has to be my favorite, still, for the whole aesthetic of the world Jack and Jill went to!


  5. You’ve got so many good books here! Ahhhh. I can’t wait to see what you think of them. I’ll be living vicariously through you until I actually can get my hands on them. 🙂 I’m so looking forward to In an Absent Dream. I also just picked up Nevernight, and if I like that anywhere near as much as I think I will, I’ll have to grab Godsgrave. And then … twiddle my thumbs and wait for Darkdawn like it’s not killing me, I guess? xD I’m hoping to read Strange the Dreamer soon, too, so I’m glad to hear you’ve really enjoyed the first part that you’ve read. 🙂 Seems a lot of people really liked it.


    1. I know I just replied to your other comment about a few of these, but I had to comment on what you said about the wait for Darkdawn lol! The #1 reason I haven’t read Godsgrave yet is because I heard it has a cliffhanger ending and I hate that Darkdawn had to be pushed back! Though of course I know why Jay did it and I love and respect him and don’t fault him for it, but wow, that wait is gonna kill us! 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh noooo, it’s a cliffhanger ending? I usually wait to read those, too. xD But by the time I read Nevernight and Godsgrave then hopefully the wait won’t be too bad. It’ll be almost next year by then anyway lol.


      2. I dunno, after the way Thunderhead and The Cruel Prince both ended, I’m not sure I can handle the wait for another cliffhanger book. xD So yeah, thanks for the tip! I’ll probably push them closer to the third book and see if I can’t stack them hehe.


      3. Omg, I heard The Wicked King has an even WORSE cliffhanger! It sucks because I already know I’ll be reading TWK as soon as it releases. 😂 I own Scythe but haven’t read it yet, so thanks for the heads up, because now I’ll probably wait to start the series until the 3rd book comes out!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. NUH-UH! fejiafejailfea. I mean, I can’t NOT read The Wicked King when it comes out. Like you said, I’ll be reading it right away. xD So I guess I’ll just suffer for a whole other year, and at least I’ve got some months to come to grips with that.

        From Scythe to Thunderhead, it’s not bad. There’s a pretty easy break, and while I was excited to get back to the characters, it is NOTHING like the ending of Thunderhead, which sort of just destroyed me and has me counting down days. So while I absolutely love the series and highly recommend it, I think waiting until next year when The Toll comes out is a great idea. xD I imagine it’ll pack quite a punch reading all three back-to-back, too!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. OOH this is such a fun idea!

    I think Strange the Dreamer will be a five star read for me too. I love Laini Taylor’s writing.

    I think the Nevernight books sound SO GOOD. I’ve heard they’re quite violent though, and I don’t enjoy violent books, so I’m giving them a miss!


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