T10T: Quotes I’m Thankful For


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s challenge was a Thanksgiving freebie, and I don’t know if I’ve ever done a quote-themed T10T before, so this seemed like as good a time as any!

I made all of these images in Canva, so if you want to borrow any of them, feel free. ♥











Are any of these your favorite quotes, or do you have one you’d like to share with me? Let me know in the comments!


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53 thoughts on “T10T: Quotes I’m Thankful For

  1. I can’t help but laugh at the second one. Y’know, I can’t read any sentence in a book with the word “destiny” in it without thinking of you right? Makes reading those sentences way too funny at times.. I think the last one was something like “Destiny did it.” so.. just so you know, you’re to blame! :’D

    SJM has sooo many good quotes in her books. Pretty sure I’ll need a whole bunch of tabs for when I reread the books in.. 2020. :’) I’m going to make them rainbows!

    One quote, off the top of my head, that I can’t seem to forget about and have even thought about getting tattooed is “We are all children of blood and bone.” from Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I don’t know. That one sentence just stuck with me ever since reading it.


    1. LMAO yeah, I feel you 😂

      Dude, the tabs I’ve used in the last few TOG books are RIDICULOUS. I want to reread the Court books in the beginning of 2019 and I’ve never tabbed those books besides ACOFAS, so I’m really excited. 😛 Gonna stock up beforehand.

      That’s such a good quote!

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  2. I love so many of these quotes. Great choices! It’s so easy to see why some stuck with you, either in humor or seriousness. Recently, I’ve been loving and thankful for: “Women have to live so much of their life in the in-betweens.” from Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott and “I’m constantly searching for places that rekindle my sense of wonder.” which was from one of the books in Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin’s trilogy. I can’t remember the name of the trilogy right now because I’m having a Moment haha.


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