Stacking the Shelves — August 3rd, 2019

August 3, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

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Physical Review Copies:

* doesn’t count against ARC ban (due to having been requested/accepted before ban, in a previous week, being unsolicited, or being a graphic novel, poetry collection, or otherwise “one-sitting” read)

  • The Glass Woman — Caroline Lea [adult hist-fic/mystery]
    • Set in Iceland in the 1600s, a woman is forced to marry a visiting trader in town despite the mystery surrounding his first wife’s death. After he uproots her to his home by the sea, she begins to hear strange noises in his locked office and hears worrisome stories from the women in town.


Digital Review Copies:

* doesn’t count against ARC ban (due to having been requested/accepted before ban, in a previous week, being unsolicited, or being a graphic novel, poetry collection, or otherwise “one-sitting” read)

  • The Silence of Bones — June Hur [YA hist-fic]
    • Set in 1800 in Korea, orphan Seol is forced into indentured servitude for a police force, where she has to risk her life to seek out answers regarding a political murder.
      ✨ own-voice Korean rep! ✨
  • The Shadows Between Us — Tricia Levenseller [YA fantasy]
    • Alessandra wants the throne, so she plans to seduce the newly crowned Shadow King and kill him. We stan morally grey/bloodthirsty leading ladies ?
  • Bent Heavens — Daniel Kraus [YA horror/sci-fi]
    • Liv never believed her dad about the alien abduction, even when he went missing, but when she finds an inhuman creature in one of the traps he left, she has to face the truth.
  • Miss You Love You Hate You Bye — Abby Sher [YA contemporary]
    • A story about two teen girls, one trying to help the other through an eating disorder. What sold me on this is that it switches POVs, and one of the girls’ POVs is told through letters.

  • * Dark and Deepest Red — Anna-Marie McLemore [YA hist-fic/magical realism]
    • A dark fairy tale that connects 1518 France and a modern descendant of women accused of horrible acts of witchcraft
      ✨ POC and queer rep! ✨
  • The Deep — Alma Katsu [adult horror/hist-fic]
    • Pitched as “an eerie, psychological twist on the sinking of the Titanic“, which led to me rushing to request it as fast as I possibly could because I’ve been begging for a good horror Titanic story for most of my life ?
  • You Deserve Each Other — Sarah Hogle [adult romance]
    • An engaged couple, both members unhappy, try to sabotage their relationship to get the other one to call off the wedding (loser has to pay!), but end up falling back in love in the process.


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:

  • Team Phison — Chace Verity [adult romance; kindle purchase]
    • A geeky m/m romance between two gamers
      ✨ queer rep! ✨
  • The Hunger — Alma Katsu [adult horror; kindle sale]
    • Ironically enough, I was in the middle of reading the below-mentioned GN about the Donner Party when this went on sale. ? It’s a horror retelling about the Donner Party and one of the women in the party being accused of being a witch and bringing about their terrible luck.
  • The Other Brother — Brandon Massey [adult horror/thriller; kindle freebie]
    • A man who has everything stands to lose it all when his estranged half-brother appears with plans of taking it all by force
  • The Ghosts of Idlewood — M.L. Bullock [adult paranormal; kindle freebie]
    • A paranormal investigation story of an old, desolate house

  • Full Moon — Matt Shaw [adult horror; kindle freebie]
    • A group of strangers team up for a challenge called “The Run”, where if they can survive a trek through the night, they get a ton of money, but the stakes are much higher than they seem.
  • The Blood House — Amy Cross [adult horror; kindle freebie]
    • One of those haunted house stories where the house is the monster (I love those lol)
  • Walking After Midnight — Evan Camby [adult horror; kindle freebie]
    • A collection of Halloween short stories ?


Physical Purchases & Gifts:

  • Nothing this week!


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

  • Drama — Raina Telgemeier [MG contemporary GN; digital library loan]
    • A queer, cute little story about a school drama team
  • Smile — Raina Telgemeier [MG nonfic GN; digital library loan]
    • The author’s memoir about her life as a kid with braces. This was SO GOOD and I’m really excited to read the other books in this series.
  • Bee & Puppycat, Vol. 1 — Natasha Allegri [MG fantasy GN; digital library loan]
    • I remember loving the first episode of the show, but I forgot to ever continue it!
  • Donner Dinner Party — Nathan Hale [MG nonfic GN; digital library loan]
    • A graphic novel retelling of the infamous Donner Party expedition
  • Stay Out of the Basement — R.L. Stine [MG horror; digital library loan]
    • Continuing my Goosebumps rereads ?


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    1. Awesome haul, Destiny! I keep requesting new books, but I also keep reading back-lists and end up buying several books in series I’m catching up on 😀 And not writing any reviews…Oh well.
      I hope you’ll have a wonderful week ahead. Happy reading!

    1. I seriously get so much book envy when I see how many books you get lol. I’m telling you, I’m trying to be on your level <3 I really, really, really hope that you like The Silence of Bones since that comes out April 2020 and I'll have to wait forever to read that one!

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