State of the ARC #10—”ARC Only April” didn’t last!

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My current State of the ARC…


April’s Progress…


Since my March State of the ARC, I have completed 12 review copies! Given that I originally planned on April being an “ARC only” month, I’m kind of sad about these numbers, but the slump has been real. I finally kicked it over the last week or two, but lately I’ve been so busy. Hoping for higher numbers in May, otherwise I’m going to have to stop requesting any ARCs AT ALL. 😭

I also DNFed 3 review copies:

In Progress:

Right now, I have 4 review copies in progress.


I also acquired 47 new review copies (5 physical, 42 digital). I have completed 2 of the new additions. *cries softly, muttering to self: why are we like this?*


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