Sunday Post — August 11th, 2019

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, new hauls, and more.


last week on the blog…

✨ The Gossamer Mage (adult fantasy spotlight/blog tour)
The Resurrectionists (adult horror review)
✨ 10 upcoming releases with stunning covers
Pennies (adult dark contemporary/romance review)
WWW Wednesday
✨ “I Dare You” tag
Godsgrave (adult fantasy review)
Club Dead (adult paranormal fantasy review)
Stacking the Shelves
TBR Lows & Highs

next week on the blog…

* this is always subject to change!

✨ The Work of Art (adult historical romance review)
✨ Salvation Day (adult sci-fi review)
✨ In the Shadow of Spindrift House (adult horror review)

new review arrivals

* doesn’t count against ARC ban (due to having been requested/accepted before ban, in a previous week, being unsolicited, or being a graphic novel, poetry collection, or otherwise “one-sitting” read)

    • * Dine With Me
    • * nectar
    • * All the Bad Apples
    • Queen of the Conquered


outside the blogosphere

Not much to report this week! I cleaned a lot, watched a lot of movies, and practiced some solid self-care. I guess this is one of those times where no news is good news. 😊

reading this weekend…

I want to start Darkdawn tonight, but only after I finish some library loans & at least one ARC from the following list:

📚 Dahlia Black
📚 Shout
📚 The Work of Art
📚 Outer Order, Inner Calm
📚 How to Manage Your Home without Losing Your Mind

what I watched

🎥 Martyrs (2015; US remake) [Prime] This was TERRIBLE. It’s the only movie on Letterboxd I’ve literally given half a star. Skip this and go for the French original.
🎥 Cabin Fever (2016; remake) [Netflix] Pretty bad.
🎥 Don’t Knock Twice (2016) [Netflix] This one was just okay.
🎥 Jeepers Creepers (2001; rewatch[personal library] I’ve seen this one a million times and it’s still fun.
🎥 Terrified (2017) [Shudder] Holy shit, this was so weird but AMAZING! I really recommend this if you don’t mind non-English horror with subtitles.
🎥 Hell House, LLC (2015) [Prime] My favorite watch of the week. It’s a found footage “documentary” about a haunted house disaster and it had me so creeped out.
🎥 Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019) [Redbox] This was honestly SO freaking cute.

what I listened to

* these are my favorite songs of the week!

🎵 Lacuna Coil — ‘Losing My Religion’ cover (I hate the original song, but this cover is amazing.)
🎵 Evanescence — Spotify’s ‘My Immortal’ radio station (a 2-day obsession with revisiting this song led me to the Spotify radio station, which was pretty solid.)

what I played

🎮 Final Fantasy X — I finally started another game — my SEVENTH (7TH!!!) play-through of FFX. This is the first time I’ve played the PC version on a computer that can run it without skipping during cutscenes and it’s been amazing. 😂


a few last words…




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